US states with most EVs


Hmm EV’s seem to be really popular in Texas , an oil state with no EV rebates?

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There’s EV rebates.

Oh, I just looked it up, $2500. Nice

Though I saw ‘must be bought from a Texas licensed Dealer’, so can’t just go to Clutch and get a 4xe delivered eh?

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Yep, the transaction has to be at a TX dealer and of course Tesla has never qualified.

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Yep, you need the dealer code from a TX dealer. They also don’t seem to frequently update the number of rebates claimed in a year. You might order thinking you will qualify but by the time your paperwork goes through, they might be out. Sucks esp with our sales tax!!

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This graphic also helps describe why it’s a challenge in Cali to get an available free charging station. We’re in competition, and play a waiting game. Still nearly 20 minutes in line at Costco, so unless you have 800V architecture and quickcharge, you still have a breadline to sit through.

I think we ran into this a couple times in California in the Tesla but not at all in the Polestar. Even when using the free (but slow) safety rest area DCFC.

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I think the recent gas price surge has everyone scrambling. The Teslas are now seeing waits at SC’s, so they are filtering out to L2 chargers. Teslas now occupy L2 free chargers about 70% of the time.

Yeah but look at that ratio of changing stations to EVs in the state, vs the rest of the country.

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True, I’m just an old fart longing for ‘the good ole days’. LOL

Metros in Texas are quickly catching up.

Even Amarillo is getting a second supercharger and Austin has seen at least half dozen get added over the last year.

Can your next stop be San Antone?

There’s several surrounding San Antonio which is more than I can say for EA.

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That was an age test…covered early 70’s AM radio era, and was a hit again in 83 by George Strait.Amarillo by Morning (song) - Wikipedia. Contains the obligatory country meme: “I ain’t rich/ But Lord, I’m free.”

Does plugging-in your car at public charging turn off your home AC during the summer? Asking for ercot :hot_face:


The algo updates every three seconds…no one really knows what the hell is going on.

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Not in my experience.

Should I be surprised to see Hawaii so high up on the list?

HECO has had very generous incentives and free/subsidized public charging for years. My friends there are all 2 EV families.