US Bank transfer question

I have a couple of people who are interested in taking over my Tacoma lease. I contacted US Bank and they said they were mailing me an application for my buyer within a few days. It has been nearly 2 weeks.and I have not received it. Does anyone know if there is another way for the new leasee to fill it out online. It is a bit of a time crunch as the ‘13 month left’ point will be on 11/19. Any advice would be really appreciated.

In my experience, US Bank will only send the transfer application via mail. However, you can pay for them to send it express mail, so you can get it faster and with a tracking number.

It if helps you at all, you can DM me and I will share with you the packet they sent me. It is actually generic and does not really have any vehicle or lease specific information other then my name and address.