Us bank lease with business?

Looking at leasing a jeep with my business name for write off purposes and I have been told that US Bank will not lease to a business but only to me personally. Does anyone know if this is true or if the dealer does not know what they’re talking about?

No I am pretty sure you can lease under the business name. Try to ask a different dealer or another company

That’s what i though. But I just realized I’m a sole member LLC so pretty sure I can lease under personal name.

No, never did and never will. You have to lease it under personal

I’ve been reading some conflicting information on this forum and on the web in general about using section 179 as a tax deduction. I’ve seen people on here saying you cannot use section 179 as a tax deduction for a leased vehicle but then I have also read on some websites where says you can use it does anybody actually know if you can or not as it will make a huge difference to me this year

Us bank won’t be business leasing anymore.