Upgrade from mid-size sedan

I’m looking for suggestions on my next car from the community. I’ve been leasing G37/Q40s for awhile but am looking to get bigger for my next car to get more room for the kiddies’ car seats.

For now I’m considering the 5 Series, E class, Genesis/G80. What do you all think offers the best bang for the buck? I’ve got plenty of time before I need to start shopping but just want input on options to research and test drive.


If you want to maximize luxuriousness, perhaps look at the A6/S6? For more sportiness, BMW 5-series might be a better bet. The 5-series is the most fun-to-drive, in my opinion. It should lease well, too.

Depends what you’re looking for, though.

Thanks for your input.

I definitely want a good engine. No 4 bangers. In this class I think they would all feel luxurious enough for me. Fun to drive would be nice but I get very little opportunity to drive on my own to enjoy it enough. I’ve heard mixed reviews in the 5-Series’ reliability. Is there anything to that?

What else leases well?