UPDATED PRICING-- IS THIS A GOOD DEAL? 2019 Audi Q7 2019 Premium Plus 3.0

MSRP $66,450
Our Price $57,650
Residual $32,592
Mileage 15,000
39 months

$5,562.23 Due at signing
$701 a month

What state are you in? This is a terrible deal.

That is almost $1000 a month for a lease…

For an outgoing model they’re dying to sell.

This deal is awful!

I also believe there are $2,500 in incentives, plus an extra $1k SoA rebate too (someone else can confirm this) - regardless your discount here is terrible. Tell them to go pound sand.

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You should be able to get another 600-700 out of that

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Napkin math shows a score of 6. The 2019 Q7 can be hacked right now, imo.

Not a good deal.

Better deal

What do you mean the deal can be hacked? Sorry new

It’s an outgoing model, dealers are motivated.

I would shoot for 10-15% off MSRP before incentives. I was recently able to get over 14% off before incentives with the base MF on a 3.0 PP at the end of last month in Maryland. The incentives have changed this month since the Audi summer event incentive is no longer available but the MF and residuals have slightly improved so there are still some good deals out there. Cast a wide net contact multiple dealers negotiate everything over email & only walk in to sign. The dealers know they need to move these bc of the new 2020’s coming out but you’ll likely have to make it competitive and get multiple dealers involved. Good luck

How much did u end paying for the lease. Do u ha e a breakdown? Looking for same q7 config

Hi folks, let me know if this helps - picked up a 2019 Premium Plus Audi Q7 October 31 2019 in New Jersey - sticker on the truck was $67165, reduced to $57700, zero cap (only paid for first month payment + Audi care + wheel and tire insurance, and dealer plus registration fees) MF .00019, Residual 52%, $500 Audi incentive, 36 months 12K miles - lease payment $756/month - think its a decent deal - thanks

shasami4 - That is very helpful. Can you please tell me the dealership and the salesperson you spoke with? Thanks in advance.

Princeton Audi - New Jersey