Updated new offer: 320i new for $295


Update: found a dealer willing to do the following (again, NC)

New 2018 320i with Nav 36mo/10k (12 mi on odo)
MSRP 42470
Discount 10,390.67 (24%)
Tax 107.76
Tag 88
Admin Fee 579
Lease rebate 2000
Residual 60
MF 0.00177

Comes out to 0 down, 295/mo

Do I jump on this? Do I even dare to ask them to take off the admin fee? How is the 320i powertrain? I’ve only ever driven the 330.

What do you guys think of the following? NC

New 2019 330i RWD
MSRP 46295
Additions 698
Discounts (includes all rebates, no loyalty) 6200
Selling price 40793
Doc Fee 598
DMV Fee 104
Tax 111

36/12K, 600 Down, no MSDs, $570/mo.
MF is 0.00188, a slight markup from 0.00177 from BMW. Residual is 59%.

Where would be a good starting point to negotiate from here? Any way to get this to under $500/mo or is this fair given it’s a new 2019?




You should wait a few months if you want a 2019. Otherwise, aim for 10% off MSRP but that’s the best you’ll be able to do. Also get them to take the MF markup off the deal after negotiating 10% off.

Also, add 7 MSD’s if you can in your state.



How much is discount and how much are the rebates?



That was unclear, sorry. admittedly I didn’t ask them to break it down too much because it was shooting above my price point.



I think that’s pretty good the 295 I just leased one for 280 p/mo for 10k/24 with 2k miles couldn’t give it up cause the color it had msrp was a bit higher at 44xxx



You’re crazy if you’re willing to pay $500+ for a 330i. Get a 2018 or be patient on 2019

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