[Updated for November] Bay Area VW Lease & Purchase Specials ~Direct from Dealer~ (One Simple Spreadsheet)

UPDATE: Sign and Drive event is live! Do know that official terms for sign and drive means you still have to pay for drive off fees, usually around $1500, but not with me. My spreadsheet is “true” Sign and Drive. No fees, and first month is free. You come, pick a car, sign, and go. No money due at all. Don’t get fooled by other dealers when comparing me to em.

Hello everyone,

My name is Vlad and I am offering Volkswagen inventory here in Hayward, CA

I am a direct dealer, you are going solely through me. No broker. I will be your one stop shop.

There is a spreadsheet that I built, I will be updating it every month as new incentives roll around, as well as trying to add more information as I gain more experience. (Always looking forward to learning so all advice is appreciated, just remember to be kind)

Best way to contact me is by text at 408-480-1703 (If contacting me to build a custom quote/find a custom car then please include full first name, last name, and zip code of residency for me to apply correct tax rates)

Spreadsheet has lease offers, cash buy, and even the price for purchase through 0% or 0.9% APR with VW Financial Services.

All lease offers are priced for Tier 1 credit buyers.

I price out cars that I have on my lot, but if there is a certain trim level that is not listed or the car is missing an option/color then do not hesitate to contact me in order to get a custom quote, and I can even source cars for you that are not on my lot.

Same goes for folks who would need their mileage allowance adjusted (VW offers the following mileage options: 7.5k/10k/12k/15k a year)

No MSD’s or one time lease payments. Sorry.

After picking the right car, right price option, then we can do an online credit application, send me photos of driver’s license & insurance (making sure neither are expired), that way we can have you in and out within 30 minutes.

These prices are my dead lowest, but can be lowered for qualifying guests through the three incentives listed down below. Each bonus incentive provides $500 off selling price.
-Recent College Graduate (2 Years within graduation, has to be a US accredited college, you also have to be a US citizen or permanent resident, lastly you have to be sole applicant for the vehicle)
-Military/First Responder
-Volkswagen Partner Program (Companies that partner with VW to provide a discount for employees) Link to see if your company applies to this.

Lastly, here is the link to the spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kMPF4XWOzb0abYPmeuRWodxcJilMjP1bNI7Qp_lNhVA/edit?usp=sharing

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Hi Vlad, I’m looking for a lease deal in the NCAL Bay Area - I’m trying to keep the payment to less than $200. Can you please let me know what options do you have?

Good evening, take a look at the spreadsheet that is literally the best way to see what cars you can afford.

Jetta S (manual or automatic) would suit your price needs for a lease.

On a purchase it wouldn’t work as you can only afford ($200*72=$14,400) worth of a car.

With that said, give me a text if you want to schedule a pick up of a Jetta lease.

do you have the latest nov sheet?

Not yet, these prices are still valid until Nov 2nd, this Monday.

I will update the pricing when new incentives roll around.

Any update>?

Yes, the list has been updated. Press on the link.

Thanks :grinning: