Updated for FEBRUARY! 2018 BMW i3 REX $17,000 off with rebates/incentives, $196/month- (Tax,tag,doc fee,1st month Due at Signing) with Loyalty and OL CODE 10k/24mo NJ/NY/CT



Wish I could find these deals closer in the west coast.


No disrespect…more tongue in cheek comment. I drove one for almost a year and I thought it was hideous, but I will say it drove great, was super quick, and averaged over 90mpge which is insane.


I agree with you about the looks that it really grows on you over time. I never liked the design till we got the car in the household. This is the only car that I have had strangers come over and asked them to see the interiors after seeing how different it looks while in parking lots. Have had kids to seniors come over and ask about the car and how it performs in real world conditions.

My kids were pretty popular in the school first few months they were being dropped in the i3 in their elementary school.

We finished 1 year with the car driving 11k on it and only had 1 issue where a TPMS sensor was changed under warranty.

Best part of it has been free charging and We have driven 80% of the miles so far using free charging with the free BMW ChargePoint and EVgo plans included with the car.


Does evgo or ChargePoint still offer free charging for 2018+ models?


Was told a few weeks back at my dealership that program stopped in 2019. Not sure if it includes 2018 cars as well but want to assume it’s done.


No more free charging ended in 2019.


Free charging at evgo ended but ChargePoint chargers are mostly free unless the parking lot owner charges by the hr or kWh.

You can still get a free chargepoint access card that works at chargepoint stations. Correct, free evgo ended 2019


If someone has an OL code they want to share, I’d probably jump on this deal. I’m in NJ and my current daily driver is somewhat limited, so this would be perfect for my commute and everyday use!


cant’ share OL codes…the name on code has to match buyer


This free charging of electric cars will be going away soon, they just wanted to tease you with free charging. Now that the masses are buying them they will start charging like they did at all Tesla charging stations…soon youll be paying just as much to charge a car as you would be paying to fill.yoir car up with gas. KWH charges will only be increasing in the years to come !


Buying an EV won’t make sense anymore if that happens.


I am interested in the deal and I am in PA. Can you PM me your phone number?


And gas prices only go down, right?
Where do people come up with this stuff?


I am interested in the deal and I am in GA. Can you PM me your phone number?


As if people buy electric cars just to save on gas??? - there is so much more to it…Regardless of the naysayers its the future of the automotive industry.


Agree, would pick one up today at this price in CA.


NJ caught on and no longer recognizes the REX to be fully electric, so we have to pay sales tax on 2019 REX models but not 2018.

CA gets some nice carpool lane benefits if I remember correctly


There we go! 1 pending sale for the weekend thanks!

Dealer has 3 left in different price ranges and oddly the cheapest white Rex is still available


Can I get this in OH?


You no need to ask in every single thread. If you are a serious buyer,please post what you need in wanted ads of marketplace