Updated for FEBRUARY! 2018 BMW i3 REX $17,000 off with rebates/incentives, $196/month- (Tax,tag,doc fee,1st month Due at Signing) with Loyalty and OL CODE 10k/24mo NJ/NY/CT



1 pending sale
1 base available
1 55k imperial blue with tech pkg available


Just picked up the car for my parents today and we are very satisfied with how quick and easy the process was. I’m new to LH and had never used anybody for auto lease but all the numbers were true and it couldn’t have gone any easier. Keep in mind, though, these cars come with a small Navi screen - not the wide ones(I think that only comes with technology package)
Anyway, highly recommend @discountsales2020


Thank you! Happy it worked out smoothly. There are still 2 more available, and a week left in the month. I have a feeling the lease support will end on these next month. I can’t imagine it getting better in Feb


What is “loyalty”?


When your a good boy and come back you get a treat.
Need to currently have BMW.


interested. Please PM me


White is pending sale. Black and both Blues still available


Black i3s Rex available.


for those asking, the $54k i3s (sport) Rex calculator is below. Includes $1500 loyalty. $295+ tax, 1st month, reg, and doc fee DAS


white available again. There was a some misinformation from USAA. There is no USAA rebate on i3’s in 2019.


GET YOUR OL CODE, Dealer will accept it!



Can this be done in florida? I mean do you deliver?


Isn’t that OL for west coast only?


Have to sign in person


This particular dealer has accepted any OL code in the past regardless of region. Just did one last month here from a west coast dealer event


Great deal @discountsales2020!

Anyone here has an idea of what % off MSRP dealers are giving on the 19’s?


thanks for the PMs regarding this deal, but I wont calculate sales tax or know what state incentives are available in your particular state… I put in a calculator for that reason. Please please do some homework before asking questions easily answered with a simple google search.


For those asking what the 50k one looks like. It’s a base i3 rex with only standard features.

I know I know! Looks better than a Ferrari or Maclaren!

A real head turner (not in a good way) but the most economical car on the planet!


Can we do MSD on this car as a new BMW customer?


Got to disagree with you. I drove one for a while and it felt like a head turner for good reasons (i believe so :slight_smile: ) i think this thing grows on you and has still that unique look even after all these years.
But then again…Beauty is in the eye of the beholder lol