Updated for FEBRUARY! 2018 BMW i3 REX $17,000 off with rebates/incentives, $196/month- (Tax,tag,doc fee,1st month Due at Signing) with Loyalty and OL CODE 10k/24mo NJ/NY/CT



As good as it gets for this month.


Must sign in person!

White, Black, Protonic Blue, and Imperial Blue now available

Lease can be structured any way just use the calculator to change the terms and rebates.

2018 BMW i3 REX
**MSRP: $50,XXX
**Sale Price : $43,XXX (14% off)
**Monthly Payment: $196/month
**Drive-Off Amount: Tax is $0 in NJ, others will pay sales tax + DMV + doc fee + 1st month
**Annual Mileage:10k
**MF .00238 (waive acq fee of $925 bumps MF .005)
**Residual: 64%
**Available Incentives: $7500 lease credit, $1500 loyalty, $1000 OL code lunar new year
**Region: Tri-state
**Leasehackr score: 20.6



I’m interested. Let me PM you.


I’m Intrested please pm your contact details


Wrong post…


I’m interested, and pm’d you


hello, is this deal still available? i don’t see any deals ever mentioned for Carolinas (north, south). can i sign a deal in NY/NJ and register the car in other states?

Thanks for your guidance.


Please pm me. I’m interested


1 left in the $50k
1 added in the $55k highly optioned


I sent PM. Thanks.


A lot of interest but no takers just yet. I’m certain this is as good as it will get. No tri state dealer is coming close to the 14% discount


1 pending sale for the $55k one

2 $50k ones still available


Do you know what options and/or colors are available? The build configurator on BMW is all over the place trying to see if it has options like Navi and Moonroof


all have navi. the ones left don’t have moonroof. only option is park distance control


Interested. Do you have access to any 2018 BEVs?


Hi I would be interested in the deal above


Interested. Can you pm me your number? I’ll csll you in the AM


I’m away on vacation until Wednesday afternoon.


I’m interested. I’ve got a Mini JCW lease I’m trying to get out of.

Please PM me. I’m in NY and looking for a cheap ultra low miles EV lease.


I’m interested.

Please PM me. My current i3 lease ends on Jan 29th.

I am in Philly, PA.


FYI NJ residents will have to pay tax on 2019 i3 Rex now. Still no tax on Bev.

2018 will be the last year Rex counts in NJ as tax exempt!