[UPDATED] Deal Check on 2020 BMW 330xi

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First of all, I’d like to thank all LH members helping out many lost people here including me. It has been great help and I cant imagine going back to 0 knowledge about leasing cars.

My broker has been awesome, explaining every detail without holding back. Im really pleased with this deal although bringing up to 12000 miles wouldve been perfect.

Here is the 330xi information:

2020 BMW 330xi
Loaner Vehicle
Current Mileage: 4850
Residual: 59%
MF: 0.00099 (Before MSD)
New Jersey
403 per mo.
3000 DAS

Im putting max MSD so it will be:

Calculator: leasehackr.com/calculator?make=BMW&miles=10000&msd=0&msrp=48215&sales_price=41000&months=36&mf=.00099&dp=681&dealer_fee=499&acq_fee=925&taxed_inc=1750&untaxed_inc=0&rebate=0&resP=59&reg_fee=200&sales_tax=6.625&demo_mileage=4850&memo=&totalLeaseTax_radio=true

Those are being paid by you regardless. Reach out to one of the many respected brokers or dealers on here and you’ll get a much better deal. So yes your deal is bad.


Wait…a broker on this site is offering afforementioned deal? Who is it?

I also think you need to step back and understand what you have at plate. “2500 Down” is not correct, but rather DAS. And this is a loaner?

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Umm, I have a brand-new $54,000 one listed for less. This post has a $51,000 one as well.

Please, not just to give me your business, but at least consider the deal you posted here vs. mine:

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I found it from our local community.
Yes it is a loaner!

If it is a loaner I strongly recommend that you check out some other brokers on here. You’ve already been given an opportunity for a better deal.

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It’s terrible. You’re not saving acquisition fee at all.

This is a local deal in NY you can take right now. 15% off and base with no MSDs. There’s better out there but for a flipping base model 3, this is flaming garbage.

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Thanks alot man. Im truly thankful for all of you

[UPDATED] Let me know what you guys think about this deal!

It’s okay, but others are cheaper with lower doc fee, especially if you’re not putting MSDs down.

Actually I am putting MaX MDS which comes out to:
$380 per mo
$2921 Down

Is this just fight or flight situation or “I wouldnt if it was me” situation?

Inventory is very low but this one actually met my color with both exterior and interior plus some nice options. Only bad side is the mileage on it and no ambient lighting

You need a car, okay, it’s NJ dealer I know. If you want to wait and roll dice, you can do that, you want to expand outside of NY tristate, contact other brokers. However if you need a car now, you’re not getting ripped off, but you’re not getting an amazing deal.