(Updated again) Lease transfer 2022 540i M sport effective payment 799


2022 BMW 540i M sport package heads up display Harmon Kardon speakers. 15% high quality tint. Bernina gray amber with cognac interior

Location: Los Angeles, CA.

Payment is $960 willing to offer reasonable incentive effective monthly would be $799

Current mileage: 12,500
Maturity mileage: 36,000
Effective miles per month:1200+
Maturity date: 6/25 (19 payments left)

Financial institution: BMW financial

Small scratch on rim besides that car is in great condition


If the payment is 960 why does the header say below 900? You should decide on the incentive so potential buyers know the true effective monthly payment

Also that pic is a M550, not a 540


Done and done my apologies

OP you’re going to have a really hard time moving a $900 payment on a $66k used car on here. I suggest listing on SAL.

You might be right maybe I’ll try SAL. I’m seeing lease specials/fleet leasing for 540i’s on this site 66k, 1500 loyalty incentive, 10k miles, and 3k drive off’s for 800. I understand that’s a new lease this is a transfer so that 100% plays a part….this is also 12k+ less commitment and $500 transfer fee. :man_shrugging:t2: