🚨 UPDATED! 2019 Infinti QX60 Pure AWD, 209 + tax + msds, TDAS: doc/bank/dmv. Home delivery available. [NJ/CT]



@nyclife I sent you a PM. Is this deal still available? and can it be processed through the NYC dealership and shipped to VA? Best deal I found so far is 500 for Lux w/ Essential. Thanks.


I am interested by a luxe with essential package. Please PM me with the instructions to get the deal. Thanks!


if any one is able to replicate in CA (northern), let me know and I would be interested. You can even perhaps tell the dealer that multiple cars would be taken…


@nyclife I PMed you. I like the numbers you messaged me. I am ready to sign the lease!


Man! Been messaging/e-mailing you. I want to close by Friday. Barely have to pay anything to KIA for my current lease.
You adviced Infiniti is the way to, here I Am (for the cheapest price)
Please share your current QX60 DEAL and your KIA EX/SX best deal


Sorry, still clogged up from the holiday weekend, and am have some family issues I’ve been dealing with. Dealing with customers in the order I was contacted.


My apologies. Wanted to close a deal by tomorrow since I’m off work


Please PM me, i am looking for a lease. From Ohio


please pm me asap I am looking to lease immediately thank you


I’ve responded to you yesterday please check your pm before telling me to message you


@nyclife sorry to hear about your family. hope all is well. I have not receive any pm from you in case you sent it. Thanks.


Please PM me if this deal is available, I am NJ Princeton Area.


Do you have updated numbers for December?


My manager is off until the 7th, won’t be able to get new numbers until then.


I’d be interested as well for PA/NJ/DE if that matters.
Thanks in advance for keeping posted.



Infiniti of Manhattan closed long ago.


Infiniti of Manhattan is immortal.




Looks like the Residual dropped 1%, but there is a new $1,000 Winter bonus exclusive of VPP and conquest (at least according to Edmunds). I hope that’s the deal cuz if that’s the case this would drop to $195/month.


we shall find out