Updated - 2018 MB C300 Convertible - 34 months $454 mo plus tax plus $2500 takeover

$57,540 new $44,582 purchase. Was a loaner with 6,752 miles.

36 mo lease with 33 months remains. Drove approx 2,300 in those 2 months.
10,000 miles per year allowed
Residual - $30,320

Asking $2,500 to take over lease. Car is located in Las Vegas. Perfect condition.

Build sheet attached. Photos are from when I purchased it from a California Mercedes dealer.

I must add, this is a great car with no issues. Due to recent medical issues I cannot utilize the convertible.

Is the down payment MSD or is it cap cost?

This is a cap reduction cost. There are no security deposits in the lease.

Lovely car, I love convertibles myself!