Update: Blazer EV Calculator Template Inside- Tax Credits on Deck- Caddy/Chevy - HOUSTON, TX - Tahoes and Escalades

:ballot_box_with_check:Confirmed :bomb:$469 sign/drive with 8k ccr for Tx Residents:

C24445 1SF $64,410.00 $3,600.00 1GYKPTRK2RZ109007 sport level 1


:hotdog:2LT BLAZER AWD w/Driver Confidence Package
:vulcan_salute:$249 w/$6000 DAS
Amount Down can be adjusted by:
:ballot_box_with_check:$1000- costco
:ballot_box_with_check:$1000- current lessee
:ballot_box_with_check:$3000- Current Bolt Ownership


C24445 SPORT 1 SOLD***
C24831 LUX 1 SOLD****
C24389 TECH SOLD*****

Who’s next!?

Just put a quote together for a Houston resident:

Bolt Lessee
First Responder
$50165 MSRP 2LT AWD Blazer
$5900 One-Pay…


Houston Area Blazer AWD 2LT deal that signed today-

Costco+ Military
First payment only


Excellent deal What is the tax rate? (Tax on monthly?)

No monthly tax

Are any of those Escalades diesel? Pricing and terms these days?

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No diesels in stock on Escalades- I do have 2 Suburbans with the 3.0.


Sold- who’s next!

I’m local here in The Woodlands and looking for the 24/10k Lyriq lease deal but no Techs up here, huh?

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Discounted Lyriq units down to Sport and Lux 3-

Blazer EV AWD with Driver Confidence models are going for 5% off- All colors available (note- GM Employee Qualifiers have to be sold at MSRP- Texas residents with a trade- I will put $1500 over Actual Cash Value to compensate.

Easiest Chevy Leasing experience available. “One-Touch” - Message me to get yours today.

Blazer 2LT EV Template Calculator:

  1. Apply Taxes for your Region (Texas Default)

  2. Apply Rebates:
    $3250- Regional (Houston Default)
    $3000- Bolt owner or Lessee
    $1000- Supplier Employer or Military
    $1000- Costco Member (Prior to 5/1/2024)
    $1000- Current Lessee (or Turned in after 4/1/2023)
    $500- Educator, First Responder, Student, Healthcare (Not stackable with Supplier/Military)

  3. Calculate! Send Link via PM and let’s do a deal!

*Residual and MF based on 2LT (24/10). Base residual for RS trims 73% and .00163
GM Employee Pricing can NOT be combined with Discounts
*PHEV conquest Rebate available Regionally- only stacks with Costco and Current Lessee Rebates
*One Pay MF is .00101 for 2LT at 24 mo
*Based on Tier 1 credit. Expats with SSN and Driver’s License qualify for Tier 1
*If you do not get a “quick” response, I’m either signing or work a client here at the store or I’m out of the office-
*GMF has waived Acq Fees.

I likely missed something- but I hope this is helpful.

Zip- 77581
Current Lessee
Costco Member
Works for Exxon
24mo- 20000 mile lease

Hey chevy guy, any word when other trim levels of Silverado EV gonna come to the dealers? Thanks

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This one is gonna be here this month (supposedly):

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Man i just dont get it, how is a reg joe gonna afford a ev truck to go to work to make a living. I understand this is a RST. But man i hope chevy and ford get their act together and hope the lower trim levels are affordable. Beside that, this is a sweet build. Is this 8-10% off sticker? :joy:


The target price signals their competing with the Cybertruck- will be interesting for sure.

The “Ultium Promise” is $7500 on Blazers- but GMC doesn’t have it on the Hummver EV for now-
“We’ll see-” said the blind man…

example 78577 just first payment costco blazer with supercruise

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None with Supercruise in stock.