Update>> Black Friday 2021 Hyundai Elantra $229, Sonata, Tucson, Santa Fe

Sold out of 20 Elantra SE, SEL, Value, Sport


2020 Hyundai Elantra SE Sticker $21,910 Monthly Payment: $187+tax ($174+tax with proof of Military, Nurse, First Responder) Drive-Off Amount: Only first payment plus DMV tag (Transfer tag $185, New tag $425) Months: 36 Annual Mileage: 10,000 miles per year Region: South, Florida ![20200711_130205|690x335, 75%](upload://aqNY2dBR4PjNFGvzpD5Xpzaee2y.jpeg) ![20200711_130230|690x335, 75%](upload://uRdNzeYHM0cGYpDCwrPqtE8TY7Y.jpeg) ![20200711_130301|690x335, 75%](upload://o3tuQOCZZE2og2xusMwQce8Nwti.jpeg)

*All numbers with **ONLY** First payment plus DMV tag due at sign (Transfer $185, New Tag $425)*


Tucson SE 21 279+tax 36x12
Front Collision Avoidance, Lane Keep Assist, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Standard

Tucson Value 20 289+tax 36x12
Electric Seat, Blind Spot, Push start, Keyless Entry plus SE features

SEL 20 309+tax 36x12 SOLD OUT
SEL 21 339+tax 36x12
2.4 Engine instead of 2.0 and Upgraded 18" Wheels on top of Value Edition

With proof of Military or First Responder/ Nurse deduct $12 from Monthlies. If you need15k mile instead of 12k add around $15 to the numbers.
Almost out of 2020s, while supply last…

NO Lease program on 2021 Venue yet. Sold out of 2020s.
_Hyundai Venue lease programs are finally out… SOLD OUT

If you need a small affordable Cross Over/ CUV… This is a great option.

Venue SE 36x10 $219+tax with only First month plus DMV tag due at sign.
comes standard with Front Collision avoidance, Lane Keep Assist, and Apple CarPlay/ Android Auto.
Also 3 Years / 36,000 miles Complimentary Oil Change, Tire Rotation and Oil Filters…
Region: South Florida

Ouch. $287 + tax means at least $304 in Florida (more in some counties). That seems like an awful lot for a car with 22k MSRP…

It was a typo! it’s $187+tax
Thanks for pointing outđź‘Ť

Thanks for updating. That’s actually a pretty good deal.

And BTW, i’m not normally one who tries to detract from anyone’s business. Selling cars is a tough game. But we’re on a forum that’s literally about getting good lease deals, so I felt like it’s fair game to point out something particularly egregious. But $187 + tax sounds pretty reasonable.

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Any Value Editions available? SE is honestly pretty low rent…

Value is 2 trims higher, gives you the Sunroof, pushstart, keyless entry, dual Auto AC, Apple CarPlay, And Blindspot. I could be around 239+tax.
If you don’t care about pushstart and sunroof, SEL gives you the Blindspot, Apple CarPlay and Dual Auto AC I could be around 229+tax.

I sent you a DM

Elantra SEL with push start, Apple catplay, Android Auto and Blind Spot $215+tax only with first payment plus DMV tag due at sign.

Thanks again Benjamin! I couldn’t recommend him highly enough. Based on this thread I texted him about a Santa Fe and he was $40 a month cheaper than the best price anywhere else with no hidden BS. Overnighted me all the documents this week and I picked up the car today. In and out of the dealership within 20 mins and he offered to show us all of the features, setup our phones, etc.

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Glad that I could help :+1: Congrats on your new Santa Fe and thanks for your business.

I want to thank Benjamin for getting me a great deal on a new 2020 Hyundai Santa Fe with Premium Package. The price was the lowest compared to the quotes I received from other dealerships. Don’t hesitate to get in contact with Benjamin. Thanks!

Thanks for giving us your business Ernesto!
And congrats on your new Santa Fe. :+1:

Only SE 2 left!

All numbers with only First payment and DMV tag due at sign. 36 x 10k
Out of Stock on Elantra SE.
2020 Elantra SEL $229+tax ($216+tax with proof of Military, Nurse or First Responder) comes with Blindspot, Apple CarPlay and Dual Auto AC, Front Collision Avoidance, and Lane keep Assist. 3 years Maintenance included.

2020 ElantraValue 239+tax ($226+tax with proof of Military) comes with Sunroof, pushstart, keyless entry, plus SEL features.

2020 Sonata SE 249+tax ($236+tax with proof of Military) only 3 cars left one Blue, One White, and One Black. Front Collision Avoidance, Lane keep Assist, Lane Following Assist, Smart Cruise Control and Apple CarPlay/ Android Auto all standard.

2020 Sonata SEL out of stock
2021 Sonata SEL $289+tax ($276+tax with proof of Military)

Call or text me on my cell 305-929-8166

2021 Elantra is Out

New updated pricing coming up shortly in the next 24hours

2021 Elantra SE 36x10 $229+tax only with First month plus DMV tag including $500 loyalty.

on 2020 Only Have a handful of Elantra Limited left.
36x10 $265+tax with only First month plus DMV tag due at sign.