Unwind Lease or Trade in

I recently signed a lease on a loaner BMW w/ the carfax showing that there was damage reported. The dealer claimed that it was only a cosmetic bumper that was replaced. However, when I left the dealership after signing I noticed the rims were completely worn out. It’s a 2020 440i with around 3k miles.

I feel so pathetic for not taking my time searching for the right car. I definitely learned my lesson the hard way but praying for any advice/miracles that I could seek.

I wish I was told about custom ordering BMWs because that would have solved all of my problems. I definitely think it is too late but still exploring with the dealership or other dealerships about potentially trading it in and going for the custom order. I tried getting trade-in values but I feel like they are inaccurate and there is not much data out there. (etc. $57k was one trade-in value)

Please help advise me with what to watch out for and please do not be rude as I know this was a huge mistake on my part.

Go to carvana and plug your vin in. See what they’ll give you for it.

How much are you paying for it?

How does one wear out the rims?

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It seems like the person who the car was loaned out to didn’t know how to park and kept hitting the curb.

Thanks for the advice! Forgot to mention Carvana is apparently not interested in 2020 BMW models due to insufficient data.

Currently paying $650 a month for 36 months. I like the car but it’s just missing a couple of things and starting to panic about more damage being found and potentially being blamed on me at the end of the lease.

How long have you had the car? I first would go back to the dealer, explain the situation and document the existing damage. I would also get the detailed repair work order just in case there are issues when you turn it in as you can prove the work was completed prior to you leasing the car and by a certified BMW dealer. You can also see the extent of the damage. The rim damage seems unrelated to the accident.

Most dealers sell hundreds of cars per month so the minor damage could have went unnoticed, so I would initially take a friendly approach vs. threatening legal action.

You may also want to reach out to BMWF and let them know your situation so it’s documented in case it gets escalated.

I would assume you are underwater a good amount at this point unless you got 20%+ off so someone buying it out is unlikely. If it’s a decent deal, you can probably transfer it once you get the rim issue resolved. Getting rims refinished is not too expensive and hopefully the dealer will cover the cost.

You need to take some responsibility for not looking over the car initially or asking for the repair paperwork, but seems minor in the end. They are certainly not going to unwind it unless the car had extensive damage and considered unsafe, which is highly unlikely.

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First of thank you for the thorough reply! It is so much appreciated.

I have had the car for less than a week. I definitely will ask for the detailed repair work to calm my nerves a bit. I definitely will look into the dealer hopefully covering the cost.

For sure I am taking responsibility but at least I am able to learn for the next car in three years! Again thank you for the friendly reply as I’ve gotten some terrible/rude replies in the past on other forums.