Understanding the numbers


I’m lost, yeah I’m dense. 2 of my kids bought in 2017 each 2017 Silverado DBL Cab. First payment, nothing down. 1 pays 389 @ 39 mo. 48,000 miles. The other 393 @ 36mo. no money down, 36,000. What am I missing. I can’t even get into a lower end Acadia for less than 490. Plus 2,000 Down. 44685 msrp. Trucks were 46 and change 12801

Probably lots of incentives for outgoing body style. Nothing special to it.

You’re missing how a lease payment is devised. If you want help on the Acadia, post the full details of the offer and search the forums.

I’ve seen 2017 era Silverado double cabs in the 250/mo range. Nothing special about those deals. GM had massive incentives on them a couple years ago

You are right, I am missing it. I have been pouring over the info but as of yet to “GET IT” LOL Kinda Thick, Thank you for your responses.

The goal of this game is to get the selling price combined with incentives as close to residual value as possible and then borrow the remaining capital for as little interest as possible.

Here’s a good primer: Copy + Paste Instructions on How Can I get a Better Deal?

Look at the posts in this forum, especially shared deals. Incentives, MF and potential selling price discount vary wildly depending on the make, model and time. Play with the lease calculator a bit and see how the variables affect lease cost.

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Wow, Light bulb moment. Thank you. That actually clicked!