Understanding the math behind an immediate lease buyout with rebate (i4 e35)

Hi, I’ve searched around the forum a bit but want to make sure I understand the math behind immediate lease buyouts.

I recreated an offer for a local (CA norcal) i4 e35 in the calculator here This is without negotiation – just trying to wrap my head around the math.

If I were to buy out the car in the first month, I would pay DAS, then buyout would be residual ($30,687) + tax on residual + deprecation (287 * 35 months) + tax on deprecation (~30 * 35 months) + a few minor fees like the bmw buyout fee (300?) = ~$43k

Is this the correct way to think about the buyout cost?

Then, when it comes to negotiation, the inflated MF (vs .0018) is bad but not a big deal given it’s the first month only? The goal would be to reduce the selling price?

Thanks for the help!

How long are you planning to own this car?

Probably a long time. 8+ years?

Ok so your pretax payoff within 30 days will be very close to the ACC (adjusted cap cost) of your lease, with minor adjustments for daily interest.

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