Understanding Malibu Incentives

I went to the local dealership today trying to get something close to the deal on the Epic Leftovers Chevy Mailbu. However, the monthly payment was way off ($225 a month!) The incentives didn’t seem to match at all, so I was hoping for some clarification.

FYI: I’m shopping in NY

From the article:

GM Financial CCR $2,750

  • What is this? This wasn’t offered at all! When I asked about incentives from GM financial, they were very evasive and wouldn’t really give me any info. If someone has some more specific info on this, I’d appreciate it.

Incremental Bonus Customer Cash $575

  • I was only offered $500, not $575. Any idea on the difference?

Bonus Tag Bonus Cash* $1,000

  • This car didn’t have a bonus tag. When I asked them to find the one from the inventory online that did, they said they couldn’t find it. Self explanatory, but kind of shady…

GM Competitive Lessee Conquest Cash $1,500

  • I have a targeted offer from the mail (lease ending soon) that is also $1500. I’m assuming it should replace this offer.

Money Factor:

  • The money factor offered was .00055, not .00040. Is this significant?

Any info would be greatly appreciated. I’m going to try to email other dealers tomorrow.


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I was looking into a Malibu myself maybe I can help you out I was looking to get the deal I’ve seen on this site for $88 a month but every dealership I went to in the tristate area doesn’t seem to have one for that msrp of 24,660 bummer. But from what I’ve gather the $2750 GM financial ccr is a rebate given from chevy to just lease the car and the $575 is an incremental bonus customer cash is given to every customer. Just watch out with some dealerships they create fake fees and try to hold back rebates from you. which dealerships have you visited ?

I went to CHEVROLET OF HUNTINGTON today. Going to try some others tomorrow. Also trying the TrueCar route to try and narrow down the price of the car.

This dealership insisted on trying to sell me the particular 1LT they had, and acted incredulous when I wasn’t floored by their $225 a month price…

I have had a similar experience with NY dealers. They were sarcastic, condescending, “Oh I’ll take 5 of these for Christmas at this price” one said. Their goal is to get you into the dealership, and then do the confusing numbers game, on a piece of paper, with a marker!

I was at a dealer in New York on 12/23 and here are the numbers I got: MSRP-24660. Dealer reduction: 22900. Rebates of $5875 (with 1500 conquest). I also have a $1000 private offer. MF is .00040. I don’t qualify for the 1500 conquest rebate so the total of my rebates is 5325 (4325 + 1000 private offer). I told the dealer that I would take these numbers into consideration and get back to them. I completed a worksheet and sent it to the dealer on 12/26. It indicated a CAP cost of 17575, 24 month/12000 mi per year, residual of 62%. Monthly payment equals 95.24 before taxes and Acq,(which I would pay upfront). I received a response today from the dealer stating that the Malibu that qualified for these rebates was gone, but they had another one without the “old age” AKA “Bonus” rebate and it was $50 more per month. I told them no thanks. I’ll wait and see what they have to say… I don’t really need the car, so while I would like to get it at a great price if the dealer wants to play games then I can do without.

hahaha. I was just at sunrise Chevrolet. in forest hills. They tried the whole song and dance. In the end they wanted 290 for the Malibu 1LT with power package. 24 Mo. 10k a year. I laughed. then I showed them this site and they suggested 275. Unfortunately that is q40 money or accord sport money. Much better vehicles than this. If anyone finds a dealer willing to bargain in NY please let me know.

Thanks for the info. I’ve been looking to this GM Financial CCR (Cap Cost Reduction) rebate. It appears to be a rebate given to the dealers from GM financial for getting a new lessee on specific models. My best guess is that some dealerships are passing that along to the buyer, others are not. I’m going to try to specifically ask for that tomorrow.

the only good thing about Sunrise Chevrolet was that they were willing to give me the full 5825 in rebates, no discount on their end on the model.

Ok. On to Plan B. I located a car with the bonus tag online and called a dealership, asking if it was still in inventory. They confirmed that it was. I then asked permission to send the information I have via email to see if we could make a deal. They agreed, and I drafted this message:

Thanks for taking the time to speak with me over the phone. I am looking to lease a 2016 Chevy Malibu Limited. I’m specifically looking at the car you have in stock with the following VIN:

[Enter VIN here]

I currently have offers from 4 other local dealerships. If you can offer the following, I can come in and we can confirm the numbers and hopefully finalize the deal:

Price I’m offering before incentives: $24,000
Down Payment: $0
Cash Due at Signing: First Month Payment w/ tax, Registration / Document Fees, taxes

$2750 GM Financial Cap Cost Reduction Rebate
*$500 Customer Bonus Cash *
$1000 Holiday Bonus Tag
$1500 Private Offer
Total: $5750

Lease Terms:
24 months
Money Factor: .00040
10,000 mi/yr

Please let me know if you have any questions.

I’ll let you know what response I get.


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Just got an email from the dealer stating that they accepted my offer! Let’s see if its true…Heading there tonight or tomorrow.

What was the MSRP of the vehicle? I understand that you are paying $24,000 but the base Malibu Limited 1LT has a MSRP of $24,660. Anything less than $2000 off the MSRP isn’t that good of a deal.

MSRP was $27,085. I think the calculator said that was an 11% discount? Should be a payment between $90 and $100, which I’m happy with.

Just got back from the dealership with a base model Malibu Limited 1LT for $146.74 a month with only the first month’s payment. This includes the taxes of the purchase price as well as the fees rolled into the payments. Classic Chevrolet in Grapevine, TX

MSRP = $24,660
Purchase = $22,000
Incentives = $5650
Acquisition fee waved for 55 MF points
Money Factor = Unknown. Dealer refused to disclose. Found that odd but apparently they are no required to do so in Texas.

It is $525 more than the total Lease Cost on the calculators on this site so could have done better. But still content with the lease.

Awesome! That’s a great deal – especially with Texas taxes rolled into the lease.

You can calculate the MF yourself:

Monthly Rent Charge / (Net Capitalized Cost + Residual) = MF

Sometimes the net cap cost is called the “Adjusted Capitalized Cost” on lease contracts.

Thank you for all your help Michael.

I got my car! $89 per month in NY, tax + DMV +first month up front. Thanks!

I’m in your area (noticed the Chevrolet of Huntington) and on the fence on this. Can I ask which dealership you got the car from and perhaps your email contact there? And how does one get the $1500 private offer?

I forgot, one more question for y’all. I own a 2002 vehicle - Would the dealer pay me outright for the trade-in (as I wouldn’t want to use it against the value of the leased car)?

Yes, the dealer can write you a check for the trade-in.

cool from which dealer?