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I have been on this forum about a couple of years. I have requested a quote three times. I never received as much as an acknowledgement, let alone a quote. Is this normal ? Is it because there is no inventory these days or are the registered dealers/brokers too busy? What’s going to happen to them when the market is reversed?

Would you mind sharing an example of what you have sent along?

We can help with pointers from there.

I’ll admit I don’t reply to a few types of messages:

-Those from out of the region I advertise in
-Those who are not in the market now or in the short term (asking for a quote because they’re shopping 8 months from now)
-Those who ping every broker on the forum
-Those who don’t provide all of the necessary information
-Finally, requests that come in where folks are between 5-8 different cars and want numbers on each one of them


Could you be a bit more specific with what you were looking for?

Many brokers are extremely busy and can take some time to respond to inquiries.

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Thanks for your responses. If you must know.In early 2020 I inquired to any socal Audi dealer for lease or purchase deals on a left over 2019 RS5. I got one single reply from a norcal dealer. Unfortunately it was the wrong specs, the wrong color.
Later on I messaged Acura dealers regarding an anticipated factory lease offer on the second generation NSX. No answer. Two or three days ago, I asked for a Kona EV lease deal for my son. Zero response.
I beleieve in all cases, I gave the necessary info.

Sounds like no one takes you seriously for some reason.


Are you following the instructions in the posts for preferred contact method? If someone posts to message or text them directly, do you do that and ask or post in the thread anyway with a boilerplate request?

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Dealers and brokers will not respond for different reasons. For a dealer, who do you usually contact?

Are you inquiring for pricing or are you sending a proposal offer with a well researched discount and calculated DAS and monthly payment?

All I can say is that most LH brokers have a Google spreadsheet with a calculator link showing detailed pricing. Hence, if you reached out to a broker with all the required info, then it is surprising they did not get back to you.

:point_up_2::point_up_2: If you reached out to them towards the end of the month, then that might be the reason they did not get back to you yet. Was your son looking to lease now or a few months down the road?

I am in socal and addressed my inquiry only to one broker in socal.
My inquiry was for one single make and model. I provided make, year, model, length of lease and mileage per year. I even added my credit score. No answer.
Right before and after me, 4 other people asked for the same make (Hyundai) and model lease on the same forum thread. They gave same info minus credit score. I am curious to know if any of them received an answer.

So you posted in the thread listing the make/model/year/etc you were interested in and haven’t got a response.

Why didn’t you call or text directly as instructed as the means of requesting information in the first post of the broker’s thread?


Because dozens of people asked for quotes on the same thread including 7 people after I did. I even ventured more information than a few others. I am still curious if anyone at all got an answer, let alone a quote!

In the future, I suspect you’ll have better luck getting a timely answer to your requests if you follow the instructions.

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