Unable Malibu deal FL

Wondering what I am doing incorrect here. Used the numbers posted recently on a 1LT malibu and discussed with several dealers. They all seem receptive initially, then say there is no way they can even come close and to those numbers. I believe they actually feel that way, as they discontinue contact afterwards (as opposed to the endless emails and calls you normally get when car shopping). Hell…they won’t even tell me what numbers they came up with, just tell me to go to the dealer that gave me those numbers :frowning:

If the purchase/negotiated price is the same as posted, then the lease mo. payment should be the same correct?

I understand that the GM CCR is around 4K now, and the red tag is still available?

What am I missing?

Generally it’s best to discuss selling price and then indicate that you wish to lease the vehicle at that price.

If you walk into the dealership and say, “I’d like to lease Car X for $150 per month, $0 drive-off”, they won’t take you seriously because the salesperson has no idea whether it’s possible.

I’d recommend getting quotes from dealers through Edmunds Price Promise and/or TrueCar. Then continue the conversation with an email like this:

Hi John,

Thanks for getting back to me. I’m shopping for a Toyonda Camcord SX, MSRP $24,590 and like the price of $21,000 (before incentives) that I’m seeing on TrueCar/Edmunds.

I’m looking to lease (36 months, 12,000 mi/year) with the following:

Selling Price: $21,000
Rebates: $1,500 lease cash
Money factor: .00050 (I have excellent credit)

Let me know if this can be done. If so, I can pick up the car later today.


Much of this also depends on local competition. It may be more difficult in FL or other states where dealers act as if they’re doing you a favor when selling you a car.

Agree with Michael. South FL dealers in Dade and Broward don’t ‘need’ your business at any cost. Central/West Coast FL dealership are more aggressive in their pricing. I often get a car from them and pay $200-$300 shipping to South FL and it’s still worth it.

Do you have some recommendations? I looked at truecar without all incentives and Dealers here in S FL are generally closer to what is posted here, yet I cannot get any of these lease deals at all.
The closest I found was the VW lease tiguan but they had none in stock so no it is more expensive this month. Given I roll in all fees into the monthly rate, I have a hard time finding something under $200 month, as that’s what any of them is worth it to me)

Thanks Michael! I can’t seem to find anything on truecar or edmunds that would indicate any dealer is willing to discount the car 3K. I suppose that is where I’m off on the payment/offers I’m getting (about 125$ per month more than the deal shown…typically I’m seeing $245 w/1K down and the target is around $125 w/1k down)

I’ll keep looking.