Ugliest US License Plates

why are Yaris owners always like this


It’s what mom or dad buys?

No shame in my game.

This morning on I-29 just south of Sioux City I was behind a black X3 with the Iowa blackout plates.

So far this is the best-looking plate I’ve seen (at least for a black car).

The yellow letters/numbers on the black CA plates are (more than) a bit much.


I like that Texas went to a simple black on white for the default plate. Wouldn’t mind a white on black version of it (for free) since they really soak you for vanity plates here.

Some of those low serial number black Delaware plates are passed down from generation to generation and worth a ton of money.

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Holy s$@? I’m also in Scott County :joy: @syedhasan

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@trism i have the blackout plates on my Frontier and love em! Only an extra 35 bucks total.

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I’m putting Delaware on my ugly list, not for the plate itself, but because the “tax free” state really screws you hard with tax on leases.


Don’t you make up for it in your general life thu? Here in Cali, you get taxed on everything (and no trade in credits!! )


The tax on a leased car is terrible but I love that Delaware will cut you a check for the trade in tax credit if your car sale and car purchase are not in the same transaction.

The Maryland plates truly irk me:

  1. Instant signifier of a terrible driver
  2. Their plate number format is unnecessarily long and makes the plates look terrible. They could follow the NJ format of LLL-123 but instead make it ugly.


Wow thats a law enforcement nightmare with the colors blending the lower half of each character

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“The Slow Lane is on the left, the fast lane is furthest-right, the Wire was an unfair characterization of Martin O’Malley”


Not a fan of the new ones either. Actually they might be even worse…

That calligraphy is pretty sessy.

California has decided that Front License Plates…need to be a STICKER
I posted here because honestly, if someone is not going to put a front plate…why would they put an ugly sticker?

Perfect timing to change my Jeep’s plate to personalized: JEEWGN

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Need to be, or may optionally be? These are like the optional digital rear plates, no?

And an extra $93 on your registration for this is :speak_no_evil::-1:t2::-1:t2:

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I’d be happy to pay that for no front mount if I still lived in CA.

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