Ugh BMW, same residuals as last month?

Looks like the residual for the 5 series this month is the same as last months, 63%…

BMW was giving them away in Aug-Sept then they realized they were not even going to be in the running for best selling luxury brand and pulled back.

@conanohasselhof do you know what will end up being the best selling luxury brand this year?

Surely, it must be last year’s #2, Mercedes-Benz?

BMW have given up the sales race for good now.

This is true and its bad news for us. Unless they start making cars people truly love again, they will become the coach handbags of luxury automobiles, a nice name people think is great but then realize they can get them really cheaply at the outlet mall.

Basically if you win the sales race it means in 36 months you have loads of second hand cars, which in turn pushes prices down of used cars. This means inflating the residuals on the new cars costs more money to the finance company and they end up in a tricky position. Merc in the UK parked 10,000 cars in a field so they did not flood the market with used cars.