U.S. new vehicle retail sales set to fall 25% in Sept


Sales are not collapsing, there is simply not enough supply to meet demand.


Yes this is pretty misleading…

What a deceptive, clickbait headline (yours, not Reuters).

So tesla stock to the moon, yes?


Hmmmm. They said “FALL” and I said Collapse. A 25% drop in vehicle sales is not a fall. Thats a COLLAPSE!!!

So no click bait there at all. True genuine headline.

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"September results show that there are simply not enough vehicles available to meet consumer demand," J.D. Power said in a statement.

While demand remains sky high for personal transportation, with consumers set to spend billions in September, automakers are crimped by semiconductor shortages and supply chain disruptions."strong text

By any measure the % drop is whether you describe as fall or collapse is significant.

Plus they are not hiding the fact that it’s due to supply issues.


They suggest very different things though. When I hear sales have fallen/collapsed by 25%, my interpretation of that language is that demand has fell off a cliff, so only 75% of the available inventory has sold, not that supply has plummeted and demand is still the roof. Those point to 2 vastly different circumstances, even though they’re both reflected by sales volume being down 25%.


But they’re saying that in the 1st sentence

U.S. retail sales of new vehicles are expected to fall nearly a quarter in September, hurt by depleting inventories, even as consumer spending remains strong, consultants J.D. Power and LMC Automotive said in a joint forecast on Tuesday.

You can use any other word to describe the lower sales…it will still be lowered.

Data point has always been sales…so if you are comparing sales YoY or MoM it will still be lower & the compared to other clickbait headlines, i think this was much straight forward


Exactly. Like most clickbait titles, a dramatic initial statement that paints the events in one way is made, and then in the story the details are flushed out showing that the story really isn’t inline with the impression the clickbait title gave.


What would you have put as the title?

I personally don’t think it’s that dramatic…

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Sure I guess you can describe it as a collapse vs. a fall but either way, it suggests a weakness in the market that would reduce prices, when in fact that opposite is happening. That headline, put differently, could suggest that due to a 64% drop in available inventory year over year, new vehicle sales have collapsed, which has very different implications.

CarGurus Vehicle Availability Index & Insights – August 2021 | CarGurus | Dealer Resource Center

Great for resale prices :slight_smile:

The title was changed to match the article, so you might have missed the original one which had “COLLAPSED” and a bunch of ridiculous, unnecessary keyboard symbols in there.


Well, before superhero Jon edited it, it was:

Wowww, Vehicle sales set to collapse 25%%%

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When the THs edit the title, they may want to consider removing all posts arguing the virtues of the title as well. Otherwise we now have a thread that makes zero sense as people are arguing over something that doesn’t even exist anymore.

I guess Thread title was more of an attempt to sensationalize the article.

That’s what clickbait is, no?

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Is this really news to anyone here?

The only “surprise” if any is that it wasn’t higher.

The more pertinent data point is how much of usual inventories remain for October and beyond.


Thread title i can see it…

Article headline, i don’t think so.

I was always referring to the article headline not really the thread title.

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