Typical discount on a 2018 330e?

Hi Guys,

I’m in the hole coming towards the end of my current lease (in my last month) and looking at a pre owned exec demo/loaner 3 series to get next on a lease.

I went to view a 330e this weekend but as it was 5k miles the person I dealt with at the dealership told me it wasn’t eligible for lease credit of 6,500. I’ve viewed other models they have that are under 5k miles but the discounts don’t seem great. Some just a few thousand off, what’s the typical percentage these should be discounted at?

Thanks in advance for any help

I think 18-20 should be the goal, then max incentives and MSD at base MF.

Thanks Andy!

I was pretty sure it should be around that mark but wanted to get some second opinions

Try to get competing offers if possible, though I imagine they are rare on lots these days. But also be ready to wait them out until the last day of the month and even be ready to miss out unless they get to your number - there are loads of options out there!

100% this.

Only thing is if you are not in CA, it’ll be harder I think. NY I saw some good ones and even in Ohio. Texas I saw deals that were amazing but they are long gone.

I think the last week you will clean up if you wait but if you get a good car you like at 15% off for a demo, jump on it now and don’t risk it.

I’m in So Cal Billim, I’m debating rolling the dice til the last day but trying to get a good deal before then

The lease credit is important for this model, they are right in that the 6500 is not applicable for above 5k miles. You will likely have to get over 20% discount to come out with a good monthly for this particular car.

So I had a dealer reach out regarding a deal and most he’ll go is 9% off with 3k down for a 36mth 15k per year lease at $399 per month. Ain’t taking that deal and will wait out to end of month while looking for deals further a field than LA


I’m interested in a BMW 3 series that’s at 5344 miles, this makes it not eligible for lease credits but I wasn’t expecting much of a hit on the residual value percentage.

When I’ve enquired today on the phone I was told taking it on a 36 month lease at 15k miles per year would put it at 51%? Is it just me or does that seem a dramatic drop?

How does one calculate the residual value shift accurately?

Thanks in advance

It sounds like you’ll be better off taking a new car and passing on the loaner. A new 330e has $6500+ in rebates so the loaner will end costing much more. A new 330e will be difficult to find so you should take any new 2018 BMW you can find.

Posted residual values for the 3 series is 61% for 36/10k. Bumping up to 15k a year is a 3% hit. Lose another 4% for between 5k - 7.5k miles. So your RV should be 54%?

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Thanks folks, I was pretty sure about this as it was but value second opinions from the community here!