Typical Demo Discounts 2020 X5 40i M Sport


So my lease on my 2018 Tacoma is ending soon, and I’m looking to move up to something a tad more plush for daily commuting (as the lease is a 2nd vehicle for me).

I’ve got my eye on a 2020 X5 40i M Sport, loaded, that out of my dumb luck happens to be an executive demo with 4,500 miles. However, I’ve never negotiated on demo cars and was trying to see typically what kind of discounts ya’ll shoot for on those. I’m in the midwest region. From what I’ve read, 8-10% off MSRP is typical for a brand new car in inventory, however, given that this was a demo, I’m not too sure what I should aim for. I figured 15-18% would probably be ideal… but wanted to see what everyone else here has typically gotten on X5 demos.

With current supply issues I don’t know if you’ll get the 15 to 18% off unless you’re in a super competitive market. Especially on an MSport trim. About 13% off MSPR before incentives may be reasonable. I’d shoot for about 15% before incentives and see what happens. I don’t think 15% off MSPR is an insulting offer that would make them not take you seriously. Sometimes if you shoot them with a ridiculous number they don’t believe you’re serious. I got a loaner X5 in March before supply was an issue.


I got 16.8% on a practically new (750 miles) 78k MSRP 2019 40i mSport back in January. Was recently looking for another family member and at best got 11% on an m50i and 14% on a 40i (68k MSRP, though), so the market has certainly shifted, but hope that helps at least give you a datapoint!

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Thanks guys. I think I’ll shoot for 13-15%. The dealer opened up with roughly 10% off. So I don’t think I’m too far away.

I think the top end of what you’re looking for is 15%. 13 or 14 wouldn’t be bad in this market.

Some brokers occasionally post demo x5s over 15%, but again, that’s mostly a timing thing, and it might not have the options you’re looking for.


Last question for you pros - given this demo has miles already on it - are those miles inclusive or exclusive of the lease mileage allocation?

Like for instance - demo’s got 4500 rounds on it. On a 10k/yr 36mo lease - does this mean I only have 25,500 to work with, or 34,500 miles?

I plan on giving this dealer a ring back. Based on the monthly numbers they provided me, it appears they’re marking up the MF substantially - so I have to work with them on that as well. Hoping that they’re willing to work with me. Given the current market conditions… it’s unfortunate my other lease had to end around this time. Go figure :slight_smile:

BMW only penalizes the RV for demos. You can return the car with 34,500 miles without charges.

AFAIK, only GM counts demo mileage against you.


Gotcha. Thanks for the heads up.

I leased a 2020 x5 msport with 4k miles about 3 weeks ago. 13% off MSRP was the best I was able to do in the SF Bay Area.

One of the reasons why discussing nominal % discount in isolation is often futile.