[TX] Lease Transfer find: 2017 C300 4MATIC Premium 1 $299 $4000 Down(3500 security deposit)

I was looking at lease transfers for myself and came across this. I legit thought of going for it but decided to calm down since its a little out of budget plus I don’t think I can afford the maintenance. But for someone looking for C300’s, I think this is a good deal.

Dealer maintained. Premium 1 package. 850 miles a month allowed with 10500 miles on it. And 24655 remaining.

MSRP: 44445
Monthly Payment: 299
Cash Due at Signing: 4000 (3500 security deposit)

Months: 22 remaining

Also first post here :slight_smile:

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Interested. Where in TX?

this is in Irving in Dallas. the posting is on swap a lease. I will pm you the link shortly. or just look up mercedes c300 on that website in 75039 zip code. black mercedes.

found it, thanks! 20char

Sweet. Let me know if your decide to go for it. I am considering buying a used C300.

is the car still available?