TX Houston Area - Toyota Lease Specials - Ryan Squillace

2024 Tacoma TRD OFF-Road 4x4
:money_mouth_face: $570 39/10k miles $1,999 due at sign

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I cannot wait to see you start posting more of these as they come in. I’ll eventually snag one. They look so darn good!

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They did a great job on the little details.

Hi Ryan, are 7.5K lease terms available on the Tundras? If so, I’m guessing it would be about $20-25 off the Monthly payment, correct?

Is that crew cab or 3/4? Back door seems small?

Hey Ryan, are you still able to make the same lease deal for the Toyota Supra in the Austin,TX area?

$798 for 39 months 10k miles per year $0 down on top tier credit. Lease is TX residents ONLY

10k is the lowest mile option.

Yes, but I have a pretty major waitlist.

Hey Ryan, is the $16k lease subvention cash applied to the BZ’s along with the EV credit? Trying to find any way to replicate one of those sub-$200 deals with $2-2.5k max out of pocket if possible.

Doesn’t exist in TX. The rebate is $11,500.00 here.


Are there any numbers out for the 25 Camry XSE?

Or for the Crown Limited?

Thanks in advance!


Yes shoot me a PM and I’ll get info over to you.

Hey Ryan, sent ya an email hoping to get a white rav4.

I am part of this so if there’s a delay in my responses it’s only because I can’t run lease numbers right now :man_facepalming:t2:

Any land cruisers?