TX Houston Area - Toyota Lease Specials - Ryan Squillace


Hello Ryan any Highlander hybrids?

Not at this time.

Hi Ryan - Any Auto Gr86s?

I get them, but right now the 6 I have incoming are spoken for. New inventory coming out around the 24th of this month.

Awesome! What rate are they leasing for? I’m looking for a Premium AT

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Any information on the 2024 Sienna???

One year wait

It will be 2025 before it gets here.

Hey Ryan, do you have any good lease deal on 4Runner? I am in Houston. Thanks.

Hello, I haven’t seen tax credits on 4Runner’s in months. New incentives are out October 4th. They might have some then for Toyotathon, but there is no way of telling ahead of time.

Roger that; appreciate the quick response. Thanks!

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Hi Ryan, is there any good deal on Camry or Rav4? I am in Houston and thinking of buying a new one.

Yes. Finance is more the route to take this month since there are no tax credits, but new incentives come out October 4th so there could be credits then.