Turning in Lease before getting new Car

I am considering building my own 2020 330i xDrive, my lease is up mid December.

Just keep the insurance going on your existing car until the new one arrives. You won’t have a lapse that way. You could technically insure the new car once you get a vin number even if you haven’t taken delivery.

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Why not just call your insurance company and ask their advice? That’s what your agent is for.

yea I know,I was on the site and figured Id ask since everyone here is pretty knowledgable. Did you read my entire post ?

I did. I just don’t understand the logic behind asking an internet of unknowns vs the people you pay for the service who are knowledgeable.

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What even is your question? Are you returning your existing lease before your new car arrives? What will you drive in the meantime?

I currently have a GL450 with 9 payments remaining. I am trying to bring it in early and get into a C300. I am getting a lot of different info on the pull ahead program. Some are saying 6 months and some are saying 3. Does anyone know what it actually is?

  • Side note i have the car on swapalease with a 1k incentive but no takers. So it seems like my only option is to take the L on the trade. With a payment of $618 after incentive i simply will not offer more.

So in short any info on the pull ahead will be great.