Turning in Ford CMax, over Miles. Should I try and wrangle another ford?

I think we are 4,000 over on miles, and the car needs to be turned in on May 15th.

So, I get that we can buy miles in advance…to save a little cash.

But I also need a new car.

What’s the best way to turn in one car, and see if you can get the miles overage fees waived–and then simultaneously figure out if one dealer can score you a good replacement lease?

Thanks guys. This site, and the hackers here, really rule.


PS. I’m thinking ford edge.

Or, should i just eat the 1k, and get something else? I need a good midsize suv

I would break some of this apart. I would first find a car that you want to get, once you have that pinpointed. Search and reach out to dealers to see whats the best price they can do (Do your homework, get MSRP, RV, MF, see average discounts users have gotten on here, check autobytel for incentives, check the manufacture’s website for incentives, in general, there’s some work to be done.).

Once you have a good price, then bring that vehicle in, if dealer abc can eat the over-mileage, i’ll come in today with the car to sign the paperwork.

That’s how I would approach this.

Thanks for this, Xaximus