Turn 2017 Honda Accord LX lease in early for 2019 HR-V EX AWD CVT?

Hello All,

New here, going over on my miles looking to turn my car in but need some advice on how i should go about it to get the best deal. Appreciate all the help!

Current- 2017 Honda Accord LX(First car ever if that matters)
36 month/ 54k total 18k lease($11570)
15c/extra mile ~Will be around 59k by time i turn in
$1770 down(including first payment)
$270/month(includes some type of extra ins they offered me)
5k miles*.15=$750
I would still have 4 payments left as well $270*4=$1080
Also have 1 small dent by headlight and 3 small scratches along the car but nothing serious.

Now here is where i need the advice- how should I go about getting my next car for the best deal:
36 month/ 18kmiles
Can possibly due 2k at signing which quotes me on honda.com for $289/month

Thanks all!

Finish your lease instead of wasting this

Is that smart though considering im going over my miles? Because from what i’ve heard from friends which makes sense to me is they care more about the miles on the car than the time.

Pay the miles. You’re lucky it’s only 15 cents.

At least you’re driving the car instead of writing a check for payments on a car you’ll no longer have.

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The HR-V doesn’t lease well to begin with and the abnormally high mileage factor makes it wiser to buy of you’re mindset on an HR-V

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Ehh not really if i had went 12-15k miles would’ve been at 10cents. 15c thats an average price. But oh so you’re saying I wouldn’t be able to just turn it in and negotiate them eating the payments since I’m still leasing a car with them?

“Lease well” You mean it’s not worth asking price?

Also in that case what would you recommend for a car with AWD in a $200-280/monthly price range

HR-V has little discounting possibility, low residual, and not great MF (and no incentives).

If you need 18k miles a year, I’m not sure if you’re able to get that at all within your budget considering your negative equity

What do you mean “they care more”? I doubt honda financial or the people that work there really care what you do. Doesn’t make sense to roll your remaining payments into a new lease, over miles are cheap on this car, drive it to the end of the term. The HR-V doesn’t lease well, expand your horizons and look at some different vehicles. Doesn’t lease well means you could get more for your money on a different vehicle, no money down AWD your best bet is a Tiguan, Equinox/Terrian(or maybe 328d). I’d be surprised if the HRV even gets close to $200 with $0 down And don’t put any money down, first payment or $0 DAS

Okay thanks for the advice! When I priced out those cars though, they’re were already way over. 343/monthly with 4462$ down for terrain so not really confident in those.

Not sure what you mean by priced out, actual quotes from dealers or playing around on manufactures websites. Tacoma’s have been cheap too if you’re open to a truck.

Unless Honda is doing a pull-ahead, nobody is waiving payments. Someone has to pay for those payments…and it surely won’t be the dealer. They’ll just roll the payments.


That’s not an actual quote, so you didn’t price it out. Pricing it out = a dealer quote and not the BS payment estimators on manufacturer websites

Well i meant manufacturers sites just because thats a good starting point that doesn’t require excessive time and a credit pull from a dealer. I understand it’s not accurate cuz doesn’t include fees so actual payment is usually a lot more but that just proves my point even more that those other cars were too expensive if they’re going to be more than $343/month.

Well i didn’t mean all of it but just some- because you figure that way they get to keep me as a customer but if that’s not the case i guess Im not limited to that dealer then. thanks for disproving this myth to me so i didn’t waste time limiting myself to them.

They’ll do their best to make you think they’re waiving something, but they’ll either roll it, or give you less of a discount to compensate. There’s no free lunch.

Definitely expand your search and don’t focus on 1 dealer.


This train of thought is completely wrong. Manufacturers advertised leases are not the deals hackr’s get, just look around on this site and it’s quite obvious the deals people are getting are below the advertised deals. Both my current leases are way below what was being advertised when I signed. Read through the deals posted here and compare them to what is being advertised.

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Ohhh okay, but yeah i mean that’s why i came here to ask you all how you did that lol, can you clarify?

Sadly this is a suspicion i had but thank you for confirming. Would you be able to advise me or link me on a guide on how to get quotes from dealers without having my credit run as I already know I’m top tier but not one place I’ve been has been willing to give me anything without running credit.

You need to read around on this site, all the tips and tricks have been talked about in multiple threads. Don’t let the dealer control the deal, you dictate what you want and tell your credit score. There’s several different techniques, you can get quotes from several dealers or send a proposal to a dealer for a particular stock#, I’ll sign today at this number. Keep looking around on here and read up

Or hire a broker if you don’t want to do the leg work

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