Tundra quote thoughts?

Thanks to Cody and Others contributions I went on a mission. In my area of Southeast I was surprised to find out that Toyota Financial is at 77% .00209 for 36/12. I have a few good offers, loaded Crewmax SR5, TRD, Cement, all blackout badges, color coded bumpers, predator bars, Tri tonneau cover, spray liner, safe etc

MSRP $50,300
Selling $44,700
Rebates - None in our area
Term - 36
Mileage - 12
MF - .00209
Residual - 77%
Tax is our state is flat $500 + $35 transfer tags
Dealer fee is $249
Acq fee $650

A few options given
$385 zero out of pocket
$345 with $1145 out(1st, tax, fees)

I was told Southeast does not offer MSD??

Fork out the extra cash to save a few hundred over the term or walk out with keys and everything you took in?:relaxed:

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Looks good with 77% resid!


I thought so. We do not have the incentives that most areas have for the non captive leases so looks like they raised residuals. A few other things I learned, Southeast Toyota finance does not offer 24 month and Toyota in general doesn’t adjust for 10k on their captive leases? One dealer told me the SR5 is max advance of like $49,300 on msrp for residual. Even though built like I wanted was the actual sticker was more? Although about $1000 of Price on this unit is almost pure markup for “toyoguard” and hood and door protection. Didn’t want them anyway.

Max advance is similar with US Bank. The Cap they Residuals. Didn’t know Toyota Southeast did that too.

I thought I remember someone doing MSD recently in southeast region. Maybe your dealer doesn’t offer

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