Tundra CrewMax Lease Payment

I am asking the hackrs before I respond back to the dealer but I am trying to figure out how they are calculating the payment.

MSRP: 47,783
Dealer Discount: 4,300
Rebate: 2,750
Sell Price After Discount and Rebate: 40,733

Rate/MF: .00132
Residual: 80% of MSRP
Dealer Doc Fee: $100
Tax rate: 5.5% on the lease monthly payment in Wisconsin

The payment quoted is $307 per month, no money down. Does that sound correct? Trying to use the calculator based on those numbers it is coming out to be below $300 a month.

Residual is high. Everything else seem to be okay though

Are you in WI or MN?
One way to get a better deal is to ask for a 12% discount ($5,733). That difference will bring you down about $44 a month bringing you in line with the best deals on this site
One dealer says no, move on to the next.


I’m in WI but the dealer is in MN. Most dealers around here don’t want to deal it seems. I do have some emails out to multiple dealers in both WI and MN to see. So far the 9% dealer discount is the best I got.

This isn’t a bad deal. Sure you can squeeze them for a few more dollars. But I wouldn’t target 12%

I have had success with Wausau Toyota, Smart and Wilde over past two years.


Wilde is about the same price as Walser in Bloomington but their selection isn’t that great right now. They had a white sport package but I’d rather get a different color with the off road package. Same for Wausau they don’t have much right now. I just emailed Smart on one, will see what they say. Thanks for responding.

So I got a quote for 315 a month, not a penny due at signing on a Off Road Crew Max 4X4 for 24 months and 15000 miles per year. Decided to up the miles hence the price increase. My predicament is I have 4 months left on my current lease at $350 a month and only 1000 miles left. I can roll all that into a new lease now or should I wait until I am closer to my mileage? I am thinking at this rate the 1000 miles will last me at least two, possibly three, more months. I have no issue waiting but I have no idea if the Toyota rebate will change or if the US Bank residual value will go down in the coming months? Anyone have any predictions on the US Bank residuals? Do they generally stay the same? Currently the residual is 79% at 24 months and 15k miles per year. The new rate I was quoted I believe is .00115