(Trying to sell) my M340i 2020 Tanzanite Blue 9900 Miles - Lease transfer did not work out :(


Year, Make, Model, and Trim: BMW 2020 M340i
Location: Monterey

Total Suggested Price 60,395.00 USD
Gross capitalised cost : 55214
Monthly payment (pre-tax): 660
Effective monthly payment (if incentive is provided): 600

Current mileage: 7000
Maturity mileage: 20000
Effective miles per month: 1857
Maturity date: September 1, 2021

MSD due (if any): No- Paid 1200 at the dealership all inclusive
Cash due (if any): No- Happy to have someone take over the lease. I will pay the lease transfer fees
Incentive for new lessee (if any): Willing to negotiate

Financial institution: BMWFS
Transfer fee: 500 plus taxes
Out-of-state transfer allowed (yes/no): Allowed

Vehicle condition (accidents, tire wear, etc.), options, and other details: Car is in great condition. Very much within warranty and will go for its first service soon.


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Was this a 2-yr lease?

Might want to post the window sticker… else anyone who’s interested can’t even guess what options you have. (Can’t even make a guess without MSRP)

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That’s a fair amount of uncertainty

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I am sorry guys! It is the first time I posted on this website - Will keep updating this ad as and when I keep finding all those papers/pdfs with all this information.

Lease: 24 Months

Contract Start Date


Contract End Date


Residual Value


Disposition Fee


BMW Center

BMW of Riverside

Posted Window sticker for anyone who is interested!

Yes it was I am in my 17th month but will be leaving the country so was considering selling it soon. I will try and find the window sticker and post it asap. Thanks!

How is the effective payment lower than the monthly payment, if you aren’t giving any incentive? Also; the transfer fee isn’t $350.

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I plan to take care of the lease transfer costs (whatever they may be) and add 360 USD on top. So that would make the monthly payment 600 plus applicable taxes. Apologies for not being so clear. I just got to know today that I will be moving to Germany so just figuring out stuff. I had originally planned to just give my car back to BMW but then I thought this might be an option. Which is why I said willing to negotiate on incentive. I want it to be a fair bargain since the car has been hardly used.

By the way your window for transferring this is closing soon - BMW won’t let you do it in your last 6 months…


Was this a custom build? TB is a special order color.

It’s so beautiful on the 3 series. GLWT

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Tanzanite blue looks really nice


It was not a custom build - but I had made up my mind to get the Tanzanite Blue. I had to research a LOT to find a TB BMW and there were only 2 left in the West coast according to my local dealer. Anyway I got lucky and Legends Auto were really helpful !

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This still available?

It’s advisable to PM/DM the OP directly, and not post any personal information publicly on the forum (may want to edit out your email addy and phone)

My lease transfer did not work out because the transfer of title was taking a little longer than expected. And now I am past the 6 month limit.
So the car is now for sale in case any of you guys are interested!
KBB Value is between 48-52k. I am happy to sell for way below that! PM if interested! https://cargur.us/H4G6W

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Have you explored paying off BmW and selling to carvana / vroom…might be a wash for you

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Did you ask BMW FS how that sale would work? Would you have to buy it out first (and pay sales tax) and then private party sell to someone (who would pay sales tax again)? The residual value that BMW FS quotes is only meant for you (as in lease contract). Does BMW FS allow direct to 3rd private party (non-dealer) sales and what would that price be?

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I am planning to use a service like TRED or some Escrow. In case I find a serious buyer than I will just take care of the payoff myself and then sell the car to him.
Algo has given me the best quote till now (42.5) - Still havent gone in person to Carmax yet but online I am getting 41.5k and Carvana says it cannot appraise the car!
The used car market is so crazy right now. I am getting 2-3k more than what I was getting in November 2020

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I would not pay sales tax since I am tax exempt and neither would the dealer. I am sure of that.

I am not sure about sales tax as far as the new buyer is concerned. I guess that is up for him/her to research!