Trying to lease Chevy Traverse and Need Help

I’m in the early stages of getting quotes back on a 2019/2020 Chevy Traverse and need help with what to do next.
This is a lease quote I have received back from my first dealer on a 2019 FWD 2LT. I am having difficulty getting the image to upload into this post so I have listed everything here for a 36 month/12K per year lease with $0 down. Being a novice, it looks like they’re only giving me $1,034 off MSRP but what else am I missing? Any advice on what I should do next is greatly appreciated.
MSRP: $44,940
Price: $43,906
Cap Red: 73.42
Rebate: $2250
Residual: .6100
Factor: .000120
Term: 36 months
Fee: $1068.75
Tax: $91.08
AMO$/Opt: $189.00
Acquistion Fee: $650
Payment/Options: $509.52