Trying to lease a Tacoma in a huge markup

So, basically my only options are either pay the markup or wait to see if the market goes down, is what I’m seeing.

You’ve named common goods. How about the last seat on a flight, tickets to a popular show, or other scarce goods? PPE / supplies during early COVID, etc. You may not like buying a car in this market and that’s totally fine, someone else may need a vehicle and begrudgingly pay a markup. Not sure what the point of this thread is, you’ve been given advice on where the market is, complaining about how you see it as unfair is a waste of everyone’s oxygen.

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I was just looking for advice.
F me I guess then.

If there aren’t any dealers willing to sell at or below MSRP, then yes, your options are to either pay the mark up, wait, or find a different vehicle.

Now, you can cast a wider net and look in markets outside of socal. You may find someone willing to come down on price, but when you have some of the very aggressive parties locally not willing to move, it’s a reasonable litmus test of the local market. You might try making offers to a few dealers at MSRP/buy rate, but don’t expect a lot of luck.

The SoCal market on Tacoma’s is what it is. Cody at a $2k markup is about the cheapest you can get. I have a very close friend who is a sales manager at a local Toyota dealer and even he can’t sell them that cheap. They are $5k markup and selling every single one they can get their hands on.

That’s insane

Remember when Tacos were going for like <$200 month because of some crazy Buy incentives and US Bank giving favorable MF and RV? /sigh


It’s just the reality of the market today

We may be $2k over but we do have special leasing companies on our side that help make the monthly payment much better vs the TFS option :sunglasses:

I just wasn’t expecting $400+/mo, let alone $460+.
Was hoping to be in the $330-$350 range

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Send me a PM if this one works

That would be in a year or maybe 2 years.

No doubt there. One only needs to compare to Rodo and see the massive difference

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I quoted him at MSRP with and without MSD but yeah no one will get to mid $300s on a TRD Sport 4WD in Army Green


I think I’ll have to pass on 4wd, just too expensive.
But I’m willing to look at Rwd models. I’d prefer army green or voodoo blue.

Geography really plays a role. I have a deposit down on an inbound Tacoma TRD Sport and the SM confirmed there would be no markup on MSRP but wouldn’t commit to any kind of discount at this point.

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