Trying to lease a Tacoma in a huge markup

So, I picked the worst time to try and lease a Tacoma because of the low inventory and high demand.
Dealers are marking up $5000+ over MSRP and nobody will make any deals with me.

I was trying to wait to see if inventory got better, but it doesn’t seem to be improving and the market is only getting higher.

Should I continue trying to find a dealer who will deal with me? Should I keep waiting?
I feel like I’d be a complete idiot paying any kind of dealer markup right now just because. I feel like that shouldn’t be my responsibility.

Any insight?

Contact one of the brokers on here. Jim aka Jroulaeu is doing Tacoma deals nationwide I believe. He is a straight shooter. I personally leased two Tacomas from him. I see you’re from California. Buying and shipping would still be cheaper through him.

You’re in socal. I’d start by talking to @Cody_Carter


I tried that.
I must be missing something because he doesn’t have any deals.
His site shows lease prices starting at $400 and going up.

I’ll try to reach out to Jim.
A broker seems to be my only option as most dealers either won’t try to deal or just won’t respond.

Have you compared his prices to dealers charging $5k over MSRP? I guarantee you thats going to be a lot more than $400/mo.


That would be the best price then. Or try @Jeff_BeachCitiesAuto

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The prices on his site have $2000-$4000 markups as well.
And yeah, I’ve looked around at all prices and his aren’t any better than anywhere else.

Are you looking on retrac or on his dealer’s site?

It’s his portal to his dealer site. I guess the Retrac site is gone.

retrac isn’t gone. He replaced it with something else.

Ah, I see that he did that yesterday.

A quick glance at his site shows about a $2k mark up. May be the reality of the local market. Still beats $5k mark up, but worth checking other brokers to see what they can do. My guess is that’s fairly indicative of whats going on.

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That’s just supply / demand and capitalism…it’s not just you at the moment.

In all honesty if you can wait till next year then I would.

In regards to Cody, pretty sure that’s price you see is the best that he / Tustin is willing to do on a vehicle at the moment. I recall it being set up as a no - negotiation site for a reason.

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I’m confused what you’re saying here.

If you can’t find a dealer willing to discount below msrp, you do have the option to not pay any mark up and just not get the vehicle.

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I know.
I just can’t find any dealer willing to do that.
They just keep saying ‘market is $5k+’ but why would that fall to the buyer?

They don’t charge you a huge markup if you buy the last gallon of milk, or the last t-shirt in your size. Just seems crazy that people would even pay a markup that high.

Would you be willing to pay full MSRP while everyone else is getting a big discount?

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1k markup or higher in DC area.

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Is that a trick question?
Obviously, no. If everyone else is getting a big discount why would I pay full price?

Then obviously you don’t live in the East coast and got gas or bought any kind of PPE during the Pandemic. TP was like $5 a roll in some places.

When there is scarce supply, a shop would be stupid to sell it for list.

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Because demand based pricing is what gives you a discount then and a mark up now. You don’t get to only believe in it when it’s in your favor.