Trying to find the best fit!

I’m trying to find the best end of 2018 lease deal on a sedan in SoCal. The target price is $350 plus SoCal (7.75%) taxes

I wanted to get the Honda Clarity touring (for the car pool sticker and my first experience with a PHEV) but that still seems to be going for higher than $350 !

Still trying to see if I can get a Mercedes or BMW for that price. Willing to stick to the loaner car due to my price target.

Backup option is getting a Camry from @Cody_Carter

Any suggestions on a Sedan lease deal ?

Volt from Trish for the carpool stickers

Thanks… Looks like @chevysalesgirl is all done with the 2018s and waiting on the 2019s

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She is. She makes it so easy that waiting for one from her is the move if you like the Volt. Get in touch with her now and maybe she can let you know when one arrives

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