TrueCar Lease Quote for Dodge Durango


I recently started looking on TrueCar since I get an “employee discount” or something like that and came across a 2022 Dodge Durango R/T+ with tow and go for an unbelievable amount. There was some kind of IDL rebate for $6250 that I thought was too good to be true.

I did some research on IDL and apparently these are from independent lease companies but usually come with higher residual and/or interest. I called the dealer and he kind of laughed saying that’s impossible. He said that TrueCar was giving the IDL rebate but was still using CCAP’s interest rate. Is this possible or was he just pulling my leg to save the rebate and charge me higher?

I can provide a screenshot of the quote if needed.


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True car is a ‘advisory price’ not a ‘True Price’, same with KBB as well. They don’t own the dealers so the dealers don’t have to honor that price (unless it makes them money)


  • True Car
  • Rodo
  • KBB Instant Offer

All Advisory

  • Carvana
  • Carmax
  • Vroom

Those are all true prices (well unless they find something wrong with your car upon inspection)


Dont know the IDL rebate but there is fir sure no 6250 if you go with CCAP/Ally at a dealer.

2022 Grand cherokee L Limited leases the best right now. They have $1k incentive, another $1k or $500 if you have fca lease. With employee price you can get it for a reasonable payment (based on current market).

Truecar will probably show all rebates that you MAY be eligible for…not necessarily saying you qualify for all.

IDL definitely not on Ccap leases

The IDL banks will often have sky high money factors and low residuals, that’s why the IDL cash exists. Instead of subsidizing on the back finance end, they do up front on the sales price as a cap cost reduction

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