True car lovers drives a Mini Van :-)

I have been looking to lease or maybe buy a mini van. Anyone has any good deals they would like to share? Ideally, it would be 24 or 36 months lease with low or no down payment. Willing to add MSD. I have been looking on classified ads, internet, forums for mini vans deal to no avail. TIA

Sharing this deal here

2017 Sienna SE

MSRP $37,644
Sale price $32,931
Resid 58%
MF .00001
36 mo/12K miles
$1118 drive off
$324 Cap Cost reduction
$335 plus CA Sales tax

Any MSD for better deals? SE does not come with entertainment center, Moon roof? I wonder how much more discounts for 2016. In addition, Honda’s is coming up with new redesign shortly, might be able to get better deals from them as well.

The MF is .00001 or 0.02% APR. It literally can’t get any lower, so there is no point in doing MSDs.

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I couldn’t find the exact residual for the limited premium but let’s be conservative and say 55%. Using the calculator and assuming you can get 4713 discount on it which you should get.

MSRP: $46,170
Selling price: $41,457
Monthly inc. tax is $493
Drive off $1,480
.00001 APR