Trophy garage posts

This should be reserved for true trophies you worked, not broker deals.

Nope. It is for anyone’s leased car, if they want to share. Even for not LH “worthy” deals. The emphasis there is on photos and not on deals.


Hmm that doesn’t make sense at all actually. For arguements sake the site is dedicated to lease hacking or educating people on how to get a good deal. If they are posting none lease hacker worthy deals then it defeats the sites purpose.

It made sense to me when I opened that thread :slightly_smiling_face:
Besides, there are tons of topics here that don’t make sense. And there is also “Share deals” category for posting actual deals.


I’m with ya just thought I would spark a debate. Site has a lot of potential, not sure if there’s any monetary gain currently. But I could see this disrupting leasing industry if someone where make a app out of it. ie sub sections directly to specific brokers, or if you wanted to field reps like brokers on the street bringing dealerships inventory in…it would kill the broker market but make a pretty stable income for whomever owns the site.

What are you getting at? … No participation trophies?!

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Trophy worthy deals that you yourself hacked. There’s individual sections for brokers to post a pic and thank them. I want to see the deal that you yourself worked, not that you brokered. Teach a man to fish feed him for life.

So you saying brokers cant post their trophies on the garage ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

If you hacked a deal then by all means. But to be fair most deals that brokers get, can be beat by individuals using the tactics set forth by all contributors to this site. But I understand @Ursus created the trophy garage to show off your new vehicle. My interpretation was to show off my kill…look at the deal “ I “ hacked.

Even a house mouse can be a trophy for someone. Killed by hands or with a mousetrap.


As long as you stalked that mouse, baited it with cheese…I will applaud your hard work. Not buying others haha

Don’t agree. half of those leases aren’t replicable at all and from ages ago.
so what can be learned from that?:slight_smile:

And I’ve hacked my deals but the current one was from a broker. yet I still think it’s worthy of a post.

Who made you the hacking police?


Trophy garage has become where we show the leased vehicle with a picture. Nothing to do with how it was leased (Broker, dealer etc…).


Honestly I don’t mind seeing brokered deals. If they can achieve it then it probably be done by a non-broker. And who will judge what a "trophy " deal is.


Some of us like deals. Some like cars. Many both.

I think it’s interesting to see what you can get for your money in different areas despite who negotiated it.


Was just creating a friendly debate before the market opened this morning…second cup of coffee had me thumbing through the trophies and they were all broker deals.

I guess you should ask for a refund.

A refund how so?

You know when you don’t like something you can get a refund of what you paid.

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