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Even though it’s for 7.5k/year… OMG!!! What a payment.


Congrats on your cars. Both are good deals that you got.

You mentioned my NY metro dealer was at same price as the dealer in PA. Did you factor in the broker fees in that comparison as I don’t charge anything compared to 400 bucks for the broker.


The deal that I got on QX60 was actually done by myself, without a broker. Got a contact from a person that owns multiple dealerships in my area(Infiniti included lol)

And thank you :slight_smile:
Thanks to this community. I wouldn’t find these crazy deals without leasehackr.

I got it March of 2017!

I was at the same price as your dealer but on a premium vs a base. Also with less at signing. Then the customer brought it to another dealer, with full intention of not going through me, to price match my rate. Deal I gave the customer:

Payment: 291.77
DAS: 2900 (2100 in msds), includes all taxes and fees for customers zip
Msrp: 47895
Sales Price: 37040, 20% off pre vpp

Deal your dealer gave the customer was the 17% off you have posted, where there is at least 1000 in room.
Since you are all about getting people the best deals no clue why you are obsessed with your dealer when I’ve beat them with my fee, several times over for other LH customers.

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Did they residualize the tires, lift etc… or did you just add it to the payment in the end?

I just added it to the payment. Without the adds was $379 $0 down. I’m in NC

2018 Infiniti QX60 AWD
Selling price-$39,621
39 months 12k Miles
Zero down, zero drive offs
Monthly incl tax-$349
With VPP,Loyalty and An Extra Employee incentive


25% off, amazing discount.

Great looking truck that wheel/tire package alone is worth $2500. Is the truck leveled or actual suspension lift?

2018 GMC Terrain SLE
MSRP 29,290
$1250 at signing
$141 a month incl tax 12/24
495 disposition fee on return
Cerritos, CA


Which dealer? Thanks

The one in Cerritos…

When did you get this deal?

Friday, I think some of the $6400.00 incentives I received ended on 4/2 though… You can see the other terrain threads for all the details…

Awesome deal - which location? How did you score 25% off, will love to hear details, TIA

I got it from Infiniti of Van Nuys. I’m actually a finance manager at that dealership.
Leased the QX60 on April 2nd when it was Infiniti’s fiscal year end. They offered an extra $2500 for employees only that day.

So I used
Employees lease cash-$2500
Regular QX60 lease cash-$2500

All this played into getting such a huge discount.
Residual was 56% for 39/12k Miles
And money factor was .00065


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