Trophy Garage [ Photos ]

Damn you guys are bad ass. I was happy with 0.6ish%, now I feel like I was cheated :smiley:

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It’s OK, time and place for everything. I had to settle for 1% on my wife’s new 2017 Countryman S, but happy wife, happy life right? Just happy I got 1% on that damn thing. I guess I should be thankful, she likes it more than her BMW 340i and it’s cheaper monthly than the BMW. Money in the pocket.

Some of these deals are really good.

.174%? I don’t believe it. What car? MSRP?

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Amazing!! …(20 char)

MSRP: $53,830
$2k total drive off
$357/mo + tax


MSRP: $44,310
Total drive off: $3600 in MSD’s, not even first month’s payment
$319/mo + tax


GMC Terrain. MSRP $35,500. $155/mo with absolutely nothing due at signing.


Wow all of these deals are like a highway robbery. LOL. Good job hackers !

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When was this? @adlerjoshm

And did it include VPP loyalty? That was a great price.

I am very new to this site

Care to share how you got this deal? I am very interested. Is this the base model?

What are the RV, MF and incentives?

This is not the place for that discussion. Search for his XF thread.


2016 Mini Cooper S
Manual 6 speed

MSRP $35,998
12 month lease, 15k miles
$122 a month

The used truck in the back I also got for $10k under normal price ($22k instead of $32k) because a dealer fat-fingered the price on autotrader, and I flew to NYC and got it before they noticed after confirming stuff on the phone. Few days later they had posted some pics on the dealer site showing a tag of $32,999 and were still asking me if I was interested in purchasing despite it being in my driveway already… very strange deal, but all worked out. They also forgot to disable the Sirus XM for 3 years. :laughing:


Two of my best hacks so far. The Mercedes I already mentioned. The BMW was free aside from tax. I sold it for the purchase price 18 months later.


Infiniti was June, Jag was July.

No VPP, unfortunately. Would have loved to knock another $1500 off!

These are my outgoing deals. Going to really miss the 535D but BMW just isn’t the sweet lease like they used to be…

MSRP: $61k
Total out the door: $3500 in MSD’s
$456/mo + tax

MSRP: $47k
Total out the door: $380
$343/mo + tax


Possible to replicate?

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Maybe in December for the December to Remeber Lexus Sales Event. Go to the LA Auto Show and get a $1000.00 certificate if you can. Not sure where your located though.