Trophy Garage [ Photos ]

@vhooloo Show us your $286/mo S60 CC and your truck, whatever it is :slight_smile:

MSRP:49.5,240mo including WA tax,24/10,1750 in MSDs,$1K UDE certificate


2017 Ghibli SQ4; MSRP $85,320; 36/7.5
Total drive off $2,000 (including tax, title, license, plus first month)
$661.31/mo, plus tax; $712.56 w/tax
Plus they paid $1,900 towards the last 3 months of my Cadillac lease


Some days I still can’t believe it. The problem is I’m setting myself up with unrealistic expectations for my next lease. I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to get that much car and 15k miles for $200/mo again. The only thing that’s come close is the E300 demos but even those aren’t under the 0.5% rule and are for 10k miles.


It’s an awesome first world problem to have though, isn’t it? LOL

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2017 Hyundai Santa Fe SE AWD; MSRP $33895, $189 before tax, 24/10
2016 Dodge Charger Hellcat; MSRP $71330, $546 before tax, 36/10
2017 Volvo XC90 T5 R-Design; MSRP 57390, $373 before tax, 24/7.5


I’m the same way now. 1% rule? What’s that? 0.5% or lower or go home hahaha.

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Wow! Were your trolling me with all your questions on XC90 deal? :grin:
Why would you need anyone after getting all these deals on your own?


I am an amateur at this forum. Have been learning a lot.

Leased the Santa Fe last September before I knew this forum existed; they were offering 74% RV on 24/10 lease.

Discovered this forum when I was hunting for the HC. It helped me a lot.

And this forum got me this XC90 lease. :smile:


You deserve a LeaseHackr badge!!


You could’ve gotten away without it. I’ve said it before - you did all work on your own.

No. I am not qualified.

But It still give me comfort and confident when a Hackr was guiding me along the way. :grin:

The funny thing is that I wouldn’t be able to get this for myself :grin:

You never know. :smile:

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Not with that attitude! :rofl:

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Damn you guys are bad ass. I was happy with 0.6ish%, now I feel like I was cheated :smiley:

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It’s OK, time and place for everything. I had to settle for 1% on my wife’s new 2017 Countryman S, but happy wife, happy life right? Just happy I got 1% on that damn thing. I guess I should be thankful, she likes it more than her BMW 340i and it’s cheaper monthly than the BMW. Money in the pocket.

Some of these deals are really good.

.174%? I don’t believe it. What car? MSRP?

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