Trilogy Auto - Toyota, Honda, Subaru, Mazda, Hyundai May deals - Southern California

Still checking. Hoping to sign this weekend. Thx!

$3k DAS
369 plus tax

Msrp 35376
With moonroof

2025 Camry PreSale. Units 2-3 weeks out.

CAMRY SE HYBRID - $3K DAS $432+tax 39mo/10K
CAMRY SE AWD HYBRID - $2K DAS $464+tax 39mo/10K
CAMRY XSE HYBRID - $3K DAS $522+tax 39mo/10K

Any odyssey on the higher end trims?

Odyssey Elite - $3K DAS $682+tax 39/10K

How much is one pay going to be fore SE trim?

What’s the monthly payment for a 36-month lease with 7,500 miles per year for the Rav4 prime XSE and SE?

Is the Honda Sport sedan lease price for May the same as April’s?

Hi! Yes it is until mid May.

Hi, can you let me know what the monthly payments for 36mo and 48mo w/ 7.5K, zero drive off for the 2024 Lexus TX 350 Premium w/ Technology Package are?

I will confirm the equipment for you in the morning. Then I will PM you with payment options. :slight_smile:

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okay thanks

Please share May Mazda deals. Looking for

CX-90 PHEV , Premium Plus AWD , White/Artesian Red ( Black interior ) . 24/10k/12k miles.

  • 2024 Camry Hybrid XLE - $3k DAS $430+TAX 36/10k

  • 2025 Camry Hybrid XSE - $3k DAS $459+TAX 39/10k

  • 2025 Camry Hybrid SE - $3k DAS $403+TAX 39/10k

  • 2025 Camry Hybrid LE - $3k DAS $385+TAX 39/10k


  • 2025 Camry Hybrid XSE - $3k DAS $459+TAX 39/10k

  • TUNDRA DOUBLE CAB SR5 4X4 W/ LEATHER - $3k DAS $473+TAX 36/10k OR $3K DAS + 9MSD $410+TAX 36/10K

  • Tacomas SR5 4x2 - $3k no MSD $346+ tax OR $3k + 9 MSD $290+ tax
    $9958 one pay (7.75% tax) 24/12K

I’m looking for a Honda Pilot Elite (8seats) for Memorial Day weekend? Any leads?

More details on this if still available?

Was easily able to get a new RAV4 Prime XSE and couldn’t be happier with how easy the process was.
Thanks for helping me! I will definitely refer you to friends!


That unit is sold but here is another with a Slightly Higher MSRP

Send me a PM and we can run through color options

Who is Brett and how do I get in touch with him? Thanks

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I’m Brett :slight_smile:

You can send me a PM or a text 714/600/0695