Tree sap discoloration; lease return CCAP

Not sure if I’m posting in correct forum? If not, any guidance appreciated!

QQ: does Ccap lease returns care greatly about paint discoloration from tree sap? It’s a white Jeep Cherokee, and the sap has been removed but about 6 droplet size spots on the hood ate through the clear coat and are discolored slightly to a light gray.

Ugh, hoping they don’t count that against you, as my understating is that this type of damage can’t be fixed without a respray….

Thx all!!

Wait for someone with actual experience, but my guess is it would depend on the inspector and how (ahem) clean your car is at the time of inspection.

Thx Trish, you’re probably right. The car is in near perfect shape, only
20k miles (16k below the contracted amount). So hoping for no issues!

You might be able to sell your vehicle instead and not worry about any wear and tear. Make sure you don’t have equity (even if it’s small).

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Are you sure you don’t have equity in the lease?

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Good point! Thx. Yes, I should have some equity for sure. I think CCAP allows 3rd party buyouts. Based off CarMax just now, I have some equity (not sure what the official payoff amount is, but will call them tomorrow).

Yes, they do

We charge a 25% fee for all the money we just found you! Also joking aside get a number of quotes as they can vary widely.


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