TRD Pro Models (Tacoma and 4Runner)

Year: [2017 or 2018]
Make, Model, and Trim: [Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro and Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro]
Months/Annual Mileage: [36/10K]
Zip Code: [11702]

Was wondering if anyone has gotten good lease deals on these. I’m in the market for either…whatever winds up cheaper would be the one I’ll go with. Thanks!

I have asked before and gotten no reply. I believe those are hard to lease because they are in such high demand that dealers would rather sell them outright.

Any suggestions on best lease structure that would help lower my cost to purchase the car?

Prob better to just buy the pro from the get go. I can get them for under msrp if interested.

My CPA advised me against buying it, told me to lease instead. I want a Black 4Runner TRD Pro, do you have any? Thanks!

He told you to lease, then buy out the lease?

My CPA said same. I can deduct more against the business but told me not to buy out lol

They don’t lease well but with msds maybe it’s worth it to you. I could put $700/mo towards something much better.

ASK @Cody_Carter

I just received this lease quote from a dealer in Los Angeles area:
2019 4 Runner TRD PRO
msrp $48,262
selling price $60,000
36m/12k/$2k down = $1248/month.
I think I should take that! :joy: