Traverse help - Negotiating

Looking to make sure this is a decent deal and that I’m not getting hammered.
19 Chevy Traverse 1LT
New York
MSRP $40,295.00
Sell Price $36,500.00
36M/12K miles
DAS 1st Month/DMV/Bank

Where’s the details, MF, RV, sell price should be employee pricing right now, what incentives are being applied?

I dont have MF, RV
discounted price is 36,500 (incl incentives…)

You need to know these numbers, if you don’t have them, email / call them back and ask for them.

If you want help, you need to do the legwork and provide the info so the hackers can help you get a better deal.

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Sale price is employee price less dealer discount… Do not let them fool you, employee price is an incentive from GM, not coming out of the dealer’s pocket!

Google “2019 Traverse 1LT MF”, find the correct Edmunds thread, and ask them to provide it to you for your specific trim/zip code/lease terms.

Checking Edmunds will let him know what it should be, but he still won’t know what the dealer is building into their price. You need to know the dealers numbers, so you can compare them for accuracy to what you find out from sites like Edmunds.

Its part of the whole process to hack a deal, to become sharper at the numbers than the salesperson you are dealing with.

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Need to get info about rebates you qualify for. It is your right to know those.

How does employee pricing affect the lease on a traverse? In my region it’s .00151 & 61% with 750 incentives. I also have conquest and a 1500 gm pull-ahead.

Anybody help with this? With the terms I laid out above plus an educater discount code I have no idea how to put this together. Specifically how does the employee pricing and educator discount stack?

Maybe @chevysalesgirl knows how those incentives stack. Chevy is complicated. Most dealers don’t even know how they work.

you need to ask for discount from MSRP and rebates separately.
not 40295 to 36500 combined

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That sounds easy!

Can you help me with this quote. I have a pull ahead offer, which they say is worth 2k on the traverse. Also have educator code and competitor lease. How does this quote look and can it be improved upon?

This is how they say the incentives stack. .
Hopefully you can see theese. Any help appreciated!
If you can’t it’s
Msrp 40720
Discount 3,119.45
Rebates 4250

I’m trying to figure this out as well. I’m pretty sure that there is no dealer discount in this at all. The $3,119.45 looks to be just the “Chevy Employee Discount for Everyone”. Per Trish, that’s coming from GM and not out of the dealer pocket. I’d assume that you should be able to get a bit more off.

@Strokerdeuce you should open your own thread so you get all notifications, The OP who opened this hasn’t replied or anyone in 2 weeks, so I would say this thread should be closed.

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That’s what I don’t understand. Can the dealer add a discount on top of educator/student/supplier (I think all three are the same)?

I thought the mods frowned on that. I’m afraid of the bear.

Acadia leases much better. 10 inches shorter but may want to look

I’m getting an extra 2k though on the traverse, which really helps. Just wish someone knew if you could stack dealer discount on top of the educator code.